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from alex.t.mn05

Garry's Mod 2021-02-22 20-26-03.mp4

This guy was punishing me for reading the top headspace more than once even though I waited for the cool down  time Plus I only read it twice not even four times according to him and he’s clearly in top his sight and I just don’t understand how is it allowed for admin‘s to pick sides I think this is a very big problem in this server and I think this is one of the big problems that causes a lot of people to not want to stay in this server I mean I made a lot of money in this server and lotta times my phone gets Ruined by those admin’s and I think they have too much power over everything and they ruin all the fun earth RP experience I think you should take a look at this very deep and rethink about lotta things that are happening in this Server

And I am really upset about this he give me a warrant for this that I didn’t earn it weren’t for this

And I’m going to do something about it I’m not gonna give up because I’m strong

And if you need more evidence that some of the staff here are corrupt I’ll provide them to you gladly so I can help you

Another words help me help you

And in case the video won’t work let me know

My Gmail is

This means a lot to me and I want you to figure this out

The person who did this It was

Body Gaud DaDoi

Thank you



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Follow the Staff Report Template please. Once this is filled out properly, I will more then happy help you.


Your name:


Your SteamID:

Accused Staff Member's Name:

Accused Staff Member's SteamID:

Accused Staff Member's Rank:

Rule Violation, Negligence, or Abuse of power:

Specific Rules Violated (if any):

How did the Staff Member abuse? (if abuse)*Keep it brief*:

How did the Staff Member neglect his/her duties (if neglect)*Keep it brief*:

Summary of events:


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Wait were u the alex that got perma by david him self?

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did not correct format.
Was ordered Perma ban by David Kellerman, Primary CEO. Ban was filled by me. You AFK money farmed, something we are not allowing, and then yelled at staff when you had your money reset. 
Have a nice day

Jax, CEO

"True leadership is having the strength and knowledge to teach other to lead when you are no longer there, knowing you will be forgotten to time" - Jax

"Thou Shalt be beholden to no laws beyond these" 
- The Scythe Commandments

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