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 EliteAce PoliceRP Rules

Clarification & Loopholes

Read all the rules before you start your journey in this wonderful server. Ignorance is not an excuse to break the rules. Exceptions will be made when necessary. Do not try and search for loopholes, our judgment presides over the rules and we will ban you. Use your common sense, because not doing so will get you nowhere. It is completely acceptable to ask and clarify with an admin if something is allowed. Note that certain activities can be allowed and disallowed in different situations.


A.) General Rules

  1. Do not do anything that could harm and/or crash the server. 

  2.  Don't FailRP. To FailRP is to do anything unrealistic that defeats the purpose of role-play. Staff determine whether or not something is FailRP.

  3.  Do not break the New Life Rule (NLR). The New Life Rule states that you may not return to the area in which your death occurred until the situation that your death was involved in is over (if the situation had ended immediately or soon after your death, you must wait 5 minutes until returning).

  4.  Player and staff disrespect is allowed on the server to and from other players. As long as you are not constantly harassing/bullying them.

  5.  If you see someone breaking the rules, try to warn them or contact an admin. Do not take the situation into your own hands, as that counts as Backseat Administration.

  6.  Do not impersonate staff.

  7.  Arguing in OOC is not permitted.

  8.  Do not break the rules just because others do. You will be punished as well.

  9.  Do not interrupt Admin sits (if a player is in an Admin sit, you are not allowed to kill them or interfere in any way).

  10. You MUST use a proper RP name (A - Z English alphabetical letters, no fancy characters).

  11. Street/nicknames are allowed. For example, Chicken.

  12.  Title extensions to RP names are allowed. For example, Jack the Destroyer.

  13. Do not advertise other servers or games.

  14. Do not swear excessively.

  15.  Do not use explicit materials/text screens. Staff can determine if a text screen’s content/location is allowed.

  16.  Do not constantly harass other players, or attack them with IRL threats.

  17.  Do not body block (do not use your own body to block another player or entrance).

  18.  Do not scam (do not trick other players into giving you money/items, or not hold your end of a deal).

  19. Do not copy or steal somebody else's name. This includes intentional similarities, reverse names, etc (impersonation).

  20.  All classes considered “citizen” may only have small weapons (Pistols).

  21.  Citizen classes are deemed non-criminal and may not commit criminal acts.

  22.  All global communication must be done in English (At least keep OOC and /advert in English).

  23.  Do not chat or mic spam (This includes playing loud/annoying music through your mic).

  24.  Do not Metagame (using out of character information to your advantage. Example: Seeing someone type in OOC "when will my printers give me money?" to validate a warrant).

  25.  Do not abuse glitches (E.G: Looking through walls because of missing textures etc. If you find a glitch, inform a staff member).

  26.  Use Common Sense (when in any situation, act appropriately and in a sensible manner).

  27.  Listen to staff regarding all situations. They have the final say.

  28.  Do not role-play in spawn (the lot in which most classes spawn).

  29.  Do not run into spawn to avoid RP. An RP situation may continue if you run into spawn.

  30.  You cannot revenge kill; this breaches NLR.

  31.  Hitbox shielding/glitching is not permitted.

  32.  Cop baiting is not allowed (firing at cop cars, chasing them for no reason, etc.). Whether or not something is cop baiting is determined by staff.

  33.  When one member runs from an active role-play situation they must re-initiate before they can continue the same role-play scenario. E.G Player A shoots at player B and player B runs away. Player B must reinitiate before killing player A.

  34.  RDM is not allowed. RDM is Random Death-match, which means to kill someone without a sufficient role-play reason.

  35.  Do not leave to avoid punishment by a staff member (LTAP).

  36.  Do not leave to avoid role-play, I.E. while being arrested. (LTARP).

  37.  Racism is not permitted, intentional similarities to racism are also not allowed.

  38.  Ban evasion/multi-accounting is not permitted.

  39.  Homophobic and racist remarks and/or slurs will NOT be tolerated in this community

  40.  You are not allowed to place cameras while in an active RP situation.

  41.  Do not make false 911 calls to purposely lure in law enforcement or to taunt. This is copbaiting.

  42.  You may not kill members of your own team. If you do by mistake, make sure you advert crossfire ("/advert crossfire").

  43.  Shooting randomly counts as FailRP and can also be considered cop baiting.

  44.  The /me command cannot dictate the actions of another player; nor can it control them or frame them. This is considered "Powergaming."

  45.  Do not spam any chats.

  46.  Only use the @ chat if you really need help.

  47.  You must have a sufficient reason to demote someone.

  48.  Spamming your camera is prohibited.

  49.  You may not use a vape as a "smoke screen" to commit crimes or to gain a tactical advantage in any way, shape, or form.

  50.  Using items to heal you in the mince of combat is prohibited. This includes medkits, medical vapes, EMS, etc. However, you may return to the hospital to heal yourself if you have time in the moment of combat.

  51.  Do not destroy cameras without an RP Reason This is limited to Bank/GenStore raids.

  52.  As a hobo, you may not commit any major crimes. 

  53.  As a hobo, you may only use a submachine gun or a pistol.

  54.  As a hobo, the only crimes you may commit are: General store robberies( Must be alone), Muggings, and carjacking.


Abide by FearRP. Unlike other animals, we humans are aware of the future and our continuous existence, we avoid the loss of our life, injury, and pain. This is an online game, so players don't think too much about the loss of their character's life as they just respawn, but that leads to very bad roleplay. So, you must take this into account and roleplay fear. When a person is aiming at your with their gun, don't be so quick to pull your gun out and then complain to the admins about your death. A situation involving Fear RP can easily be resolved by reaching a negotiation.

-You cannot attack or draw a weapon on a person who has a gun pointed at you (as well as a stun gun or melee weapon at striking distance).

-You cannot run or drive away from someone when they have you at gunpoint. Exception: If you are in a vehicle and their weapon is a taser, FearRP does not apply.

-You have to put your weapon down if you're outnumbered. For example, two law enforcement officials with a gun on one criminal, the criminal must lower their weapon.


B.) Basing Rules

Doomforting is prohibited

Doomforts are overwhelmed defenses that are practically impossible for an opposing party to survive, regardless of whether they are realistic. Generally, it ought to be entirely clear what contains a doomfort, be that as it may, on the off chance that you are uncertain, ask a staff member; they generally have the last say on what is and what is not doomforting.


You cannot build complex labyrinths, little firing opening, toggled cover using the fading door tool, you cannot force people to crouch, and you cannot use materials that dazzle, blind or visually confuse the raiding party.


Combining one prop as cover on the ground and one on the ceiling is allowed, the gap shouldn't be smaller than the size of that in the bunker prop. If combined with other measures, the gap may have to be larger to be fair. The ceiling prop should be above the top of your head. If in doubt, ask an admin.


Using props to hinder player's ability to move or aim is prohibited. This includes utilizing props to cause view bobbing when moving in the base, as well as using them to force a players screen to a particular angle.


Walkways and sniper/guard towers are allowed, however you must be clearly visible at your position.


If in doubt, ask an admin. They always have the final say on what is or is not a doomfort. Just because one admin says it's OK does not mean that another will agree; often these issues are contextual, so the admin currently online is always the one most suited to make that decision.

  1. Overall, a base must be fair to the players raiding it. Staff will determine whether or not a base has too much of an unfair advantage over the opposing party.

  2.  You only need one legitimate entrance.

  3.  Maximum of 3 fading doors per base. This includes button doors, fading windows, etc.

  4.  All players must be able to see each other through props if you are shooting (ie, do not shoot through walls hoping to hit your target [this includes man made walls of your base]).

  5.  All fading doors must have a functioning keypad. No fake keypads and/or keypads that lead to nowhere.

  6.  All keypads must be active for at least 5 seconds; the maximum open delay is 2 seconds.

  7.  Do not hide keypads (they must be easily accessible for hacking; they must be clearly visible).

  8.  Do not block off areas of the map.

  9.  Do not force players to jump or crouch (players must be able to enter your base without jumping or crouching).

  10.  You may build Kill On Sight (KOS) Zones (you may use text screens to build a small outline around your base entrance).

  11.  KOS signs must be clearly visible.

  12.  Do not build mazes (do not build your base in such a way that players find it difficult to find their way in or out).

  13.  Do not build sky bases. Sky bases consist of mainly large boxes in the air made of props. Using things like cliffs/poles/man-made poles to justify the architecture will not be accepted. Exceptions can be made with managerial approval.

  14.  While your base is in the building phase, place a clearly visible building sign in front.

  15.  You may only have a building sign up while you are actively building.

  16.  You cannot keep anything of monetary value inside your base while having a building sign outside.

  17.  Do not build on the streets or in public areas (unless your job allows it.). Certain bases can be approved without doors in certain areas via staff approval.

  18.  You must own all of the doors inside your base.

  19.  Do not build traps. A trap consists of blocking the players' movement so that they are unable to freely move around within a "reasonable" space. To make it a valid base, it needs to be at least 2x2 in each section of your base.

  20.  Do not prop abuse (this means do not use the props to your advantage. For example, using them to head glitch).

  21.  Do not abuse buttons or hotkeys, you must enter your code in like everyone else (do not use buttons or hotkeys to quickly open a fading door to kill another player or when in an RP situation).

  22.  KOS signs cannot single out specific groups or people. They must be kept to general "guidelines". For example: "KOS if over line/raiding tools out." KOS for reasons such as "annoying" is not permitted.

  23.  If it is clear someone is basing somewhere, you cannot go in and takeover their base. Do not claim doors in someone’s base if someone forgot. All doors must be owned by the person basing there.

  24.  Mega bases are allowed if you and your party can own all the doors on the property (staff will determine whether or not a mega base is deemed unreasonable).

  25.  Kill boxes are not permitted. Staff will determine whether or not something is a killbox.

  26.  All combat must be fair. This means that if one party is able to attack the other, both parties must have a moderately fair chance of being able to attack each other. Things like grenade shoots/traps are not allowed as only one party is able to attack and inflict damage.

  27.  Invisible/Dark/Hard to See entrances are not permitted.

  28.  Sliding gates/doors/entrances are not permitted (unless accessible by keypad).

  29.  You are permitted to prop block within your own home, as long as there is a clear alternative entrance.

  30.  Any walls that can be shot through must be either fully visible from both sides or completely opaque.

  31.  One-way props are not permitted (this includes world glow).

  32.  Nocollided props are not permitted.

  33. bankers may have additional fading doors solely for RP purposes. These doors may only be used inside the bank for safety deposit boxes.





C.) Advert/Criminal Rules

  1. You must /advert every carjack with the owner of the vehicle's name (this applies to carjacks with people in them too). "/advert carjack [name]." You must advert carjack before starting to lockpick the car (not in between or after, only before).

  2.  No chain adverts (Except Raid/Raid assist). You must specify when advertising; don't advertise Kidnap/Kidnap Assist/Counter Kidnap. Be specific on your advert.

  3.  Terrorism RP is not permitted.

  4.  When raiding a base you must advert (Raid/Raid assist). To assist in a raid, you must be in the same family or faction.

  5.  All major crimes have a 15-minute cooldown when used or in between use.

  6.  Mugging has a 5-minute cooldown (15 minutes if same player).

  7.  Raiding has a cooldown of 10 minutes (20 if same player).

  8.  Kidnapping has a cooldown of 15 minutes (30 minutes if same player).

  9.  Carjacking is a 5-minute cooldown (15 minutes if played by the same player).

  10.  The max you can mug for is $5,000.

  11.  The max you can hold someone ransom for (including hostages for the bank/store... raids) is $25,000. You must give ample and fair time for the appropriate people to respond.

  12.  It is not RDM if someone kills you if you are stealing from them, just make sure you advert steal ("/advert steal"). However, this is still illegal and you can be arrested for it.

  13.  Police may arrest you (taze on sight) if you are picking a lock/cracking a keypad that does not belong to you.

  14.  Entering or heavily loitering a base uninvited makes you KOS (no warning is needed, Unless its for Loitering). Staff will determine whether or not a person is "heavily loitering."

  15.  Do not mug someone with an explosive.

  16.  You cannot counter arrest.

  17.  When kidnapped, all communications and weapons are stripped without needing to be stated, but still, make sure you advert it, because people normally seem to forget about it.

  18.  A person can only be kidnapped for a maximum of 15 minutes (unless negotiations are ongoing).

  19.  You cannot raid a building while training/tryouts/meetings are happening within it.

  20.  FearRP applies where applicable.

  21.  You must advert all major crimes (This includes but is not limited to bank raids/casino raids/raiding).

  22.  You cannot advert assist in crimes if you do not share a family/job with the raiders/victims of arrest, this means they have to have the same last name or faction.

  23.  Criminal families may form unions/organizations.

  24.  When advertising warnings, you must wait at least 3 seconds between each warning.

  25.  When backstabbing, you must advert (/advert Backstab).

  26.  When backstabbing fellow raiders, you must wait until after you have obtained the money (e.g after you have taken the moneybags from the vault).

  27.  When doing a major crime, you must actively partake in the action of robbing or defending it. Ex: You may not snipe from outside of the raid.

  28. When advertising a situation, you have 15 seconds to carry out the action.

  29. Criminals may NOT assist, be allied with, or work with the government in any way.

  30.  When a situation is advertised, you have 15 seconds to assist.

  31.  You cannot counter an action to take it over. If you wish to takeover, that must be your initial advert.

  32.  You must advert if you are going to assist in any crimes.

  33.  NPC Store raids do not need a main advert, only assists.

  34.  Do not apply effects to your adverts (unless they are for pure advertisement and not actions [staff will determine where necessary]), chats, OOC, or anything. For example "spoiler" or "hsv". They must be clear and the default golden color.

  35.  When doing adverts, you can have gimmick sentences or phrases as long as there is a clear statement of what the advert is in brackets. These sentences do not need to be English, however keep them short, no need to spam the chat. Examples: "I'm coming for that booty (Raid)."

  36.  When you kidnap someone you cannot kill them unless they: Do not cooperate or hostage negotiations fail. "Hostage execution" is not a thing, you need a valid RP reason to kill your hostage.

  37.  You may not raid a base with a building sign up.

  38.  You cannot kidnap any of the following jobs: EMS & Police Cadets.

  39.  If you want someone to kill you, advert "kill me."

  40.  You may not have someone kill you to avoid RP.

  41.  Having someone killing you over and over again can be considered FailRP.

  42.  Do not kill unarmed/surrendered people. This also means when in PD property, if the person does not have a weapon out you are to arrest them (taze on sight). (Passed lobby, PD Roof, and PD Fence are KOS [this applies to all government properties]).

  43.  Carjacked vehicles may be respawned by the owner after 15 minutes.

  44.  You may NOT steal government vehicles.

  45.  As a stray dog, to attack someone, you must be in a party with someone who is getting shot at; to join their party you need to advert that you are in a party with them & change your name.

  46.  Only one hostage situation can happen at one time.

  47.  You may only take a max of two players hostage at a time.

  48.  A hostage situation can only take place if there are 4 law enforcement officials online with 13-30 players. (cadets do not count). 3 law enforcement with 12 or less players. 5 law enforcement officials with 30+ players (this refers to any situation in which you kidnap someone).

  49.  When assassinating a dictator, you must type "/advert Assassination."

  50.  If an assassination attempt against the dictator fails, a global 15 minute timer is started before another assassination attempt may occur.

  51.  You may not kidnap EMS. This is because it is a class with no means of defense.

  52.  When completing a Hit, you must be in a secluded area.

  53.  As a Hitman, you can only raid a base if your target is inside the base.

  54.  Do not commit any major crimes while a PD meeting is happening.

  55.  Do not interrupt a PD meeting. This includes shooting near PD without valid RP reason.



D.) Car Rules

  1. Do not apply materials or trails to vehicles (Use the tuner feature at the car dealer instead).


  1. Do not add props to vehicles without permission from staff.


  1. Do not use government skins or body groups on civilian vehicles.


  1. Do not use civilian skins on government vehicles (unless on a job that allows you to use unmarked cars).


  1. When you are being carjacked, you must comply with the carjacker. You may role-play, but you do have to exit the vehicle. Failure to do so breaches FearRP.


  1. You cannot carjack someone who is going over the speed of 30 Km/h.


  1. All jobs may carjack their own vehicles back.


  1. A stolen vehicle can be sold (maximum fee is $25,000).


  1. Do not use your vehicle to block (entrances or other players).


  1. If raiding, you may use your vehicle as a barricade (Do not stand inside the vehicle).


  1. Do not stand inside vehicles while lockpicking.


  1. Do not abuse driver invulnerability (do not stay inside your vehicle to avoid death, getting mugged, kidnapped, etc… you must exit the vehicle).


  1. You can only create a police pursuit if you are WANTED or running from law enforcement already (ie you robbed a bank/casino or you have SOLD meth or weed to an NPC dealer). If you have dugs in your inventory you may not run unless asked by the officer "Do you have any illegal substances on you?".


  1. When pulled over, you cannot initiate a gunfight without a valid reason. For example, if you run a red light and get pulled over, you then have no reason to initiate a gunfight. However, if you're wanted by the police, then this would be a valid response.


  1. Do not minge / intentionally ram other cars for no reason. This is FailRP.


  1. Any job-specific vehicles cannot be used to race/minge/spamming sirens.


  1. You must yield to all emergency vehicles behind you trying to respond to a call or a raid unless you are wanted by the police via Evading Traffic stop or fleeing from a pursuit. Ex: There is an emergency vehicle with lights or sirens on you must pull over to the side and let the emergency vehicle through unless you are wanted by the police.



E.) Government Rules

  1. Corruption is prohibited.

  2.  You must follow the regulation of your department.

  3.  The Department Manager (DM.) has supreme authority over all departments. However, this does not mean the DM runs all departments. The DM's job is to supervise and oversee all departments.

  4.  The Assistant Department Manager (ASTDM.) has the same authority as the DM. The ASTDM is the DM's assistant in the efforts of supervising and overseeing all departments.

  5.  Reports against the DM or ASTDM are directly handled by the Community Manager.

  6. Reports against a department head are directly handled by ASTDM+.

  7.  Reports against a department sub-head (second in charge) are handled directly by the department head.

  8.  Reports against high command members of a department are directly handled by the department head.

  9.  You may not demote someone for reasons out of character (OOC).

  10.  SWAT is a division of PD. Meaning, SWAT is under PD command. However, this does not mean PD take lead on SWAT operations, trainings, etc.

  11.  In breaching operations, SWAT has supreme authority.

  12.  In hostage situations, FBI has supreme authority.

  13.  SWAT can be called upon by any branch.

  14.  PD have no authority over other branches (except SWAT).

  15.  ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT must be in RTO while on-duty.

  16.  The Miranda Rights must be read prior to putting someone in jail.

  17.  If a judge is online and active then, all citizens have the right to a lawyer. When a lawyer is asked for, you must wait 5 minutes for one to show. If a lawyer fails to be presented in that time, no court case will be held and the accused will go straight to jail.

  18.  Do not RDA (random arrest); arrest someone without a reason.

  19.  The laws may not contradict the permanent laws/rules (unless dictatorship).

  20.  Law enforcement may only shoot upon a vehicle if: the assailant is armed and incredibly dangerous, wanted for a Class A felony (murder), attempted to use their vehicle as a weapon, involved in a chase lasting 15 or more minutes.

  21.  Law enforcement may only pull you out of a vehicle if the vehicle is moving at 20km/h or less.

  22.  If all leading department supervisors on at the time agree to mutiny against the dictator, a government group effort may be made to overthrow him (you may assassinate).

  23.  EMS may not revive anyone on scene of a raid until the raid is over.

  24.  If you die in a raid, you may not respawn until the raid has ended (you may respawn if there is no EMS online).

  25.  If the government side is successful in a raid, the criminals will be revived and transported to jail (if revivable and if EMS is online).

  26.  If the criminal side is successful in a raid, no government will be revived/transported until AFTER the criminals receive what they came to steal and leave.

  27.  Government classes cannot rush a building with a hostage, unless negotiations are called off. The only way this can happen is if Shots are fired, or the Hostage taker refuses to accept any negotiations.

  28.  If EMS are not on scene after 120 seconds, you are allowed to respawn

  29.  If you are being transported or Treated by EMS you cannot respawn.

  30.  Government may not arrest someone revived by EMS unless the person died in a raid



F.) Props, Tools, and Building

  1. Do not abuse tools (Rope, advanced duplicator, sound emitters, lights/lamps etc.).


  1. Do not abuse props (This includes: kill/push/climb/surf/trap/spam/minge).


  1. Do not prop block connecting tunnels, main roads, etc (unless given permission by staff for RP purposes).


  1. Prop Tunnels and Mazes are not permitted (unless given permission by staff for RP purposes).


  1. Do not put frozen props on the road (only law enforcement can do this).


  1. No double-dooring. Example: Placing a fading door over a pickable door.


  1. Crouch peeking/walk-through/kill boxes are not permitted.


G.) Presidential Rules

  1.  During a dictatorship, you may assassinate the dictator (president).

  2.  As the president, you must be reasonable with your laws (unless dictatorship).

  3.  As the president, you may RP as a dictator and make your laws contradictory to the permanent laws and rules (within reason, on duty staff will determine what is reasonable).

  4.  As the president, you may become a dictator after 20 minutes of being on the job.

  5.  As soon as you become a dictator you must type "/broadcast This is now a dictatorship."

  6.  After becoming a dictator, you are at risk of assassination.

  7.  As the President/Vice President, you are a very important person and therefore your life is of high priority, so stay out of dangerous situations (i.e, inspecting a crime scene or going outside without security).

  8.  As a guard of the president, you must play as a citizen or government class and change your job title accordingly (/job).

  9.  As a president or dictator, you cannot allow crime. Crime will always be illegal.

  10.  Once you die after being president or dictator, you must wait 30 minutes before returning as president.

  11.  A President / Dictator cannot single out a race / class of people. 

  12.  law enforcement must obey the laws put in place by the president( or dictator) / vice president as long as they are in office.

  13. The President( Or Dictator) / Vice President must accept warrants that have a valid RP reason.


H.) Laws

  1. These are the in-game laws. It is not against the server rules to break these, but they can make you AoS and possibly KoS.


  1. Do not print money unless you have permission from the government (only banks can get permission).


  1. Any weapon without a license can be taken from you.


  1. Walking around with a loaded firearm in hand can result in your arrest.


  1. Hiding your identity can result in you being arrested.


  1. Not following traffic laws may result in you being ticketed/arrested and your vehicle impounded.


  1. Speed limits in suburbs are 20km/h. Speed limits in the inner city are 40km/h. This Includes upper-city and industrial. Outside of city limits speed limit is 75km/h (the president may change speed limits while in office).


  1. You may only sell weapons to citizens who possess weapon licenses.


  1. All US laws must be followed.



I.) Gang Rules


  1. The maximum a gang war can last is 10 minutes.


  1. A gang war is over when everyone has died.


  1. Both sides must agree if you wish to initiate a war.


  1. Gang wars CANNOT take play anywhere in the inner-city or near spawn.


  1. You cannot kill a member of another gang simply because they are a member of another gang. This is RDM.


  1. You may only commit criminal acts as a criminal class. Do not attempt to commit crimes as a citizen class. Criminal classes are labeled in the job list.


  1. Crips / Bloods may not team up under any circumstance.


  1. To start a gang war, you need the higher rank on both gangs to agree.


  1. When starting a gang war, you need the highest rank of both gangs to type "/advert GANG WAR." Same applies to mafia families.


  1. Gang wars have a cool down of 1 hour.


  1. You may only be in one family and one gang at a time.


  1. If you and another player have the same family or gang affiliation, you cannot commit crimes against them unless you leave the gang/family you have affiliated with them.



J.) Parties/Mafia

  1. A party works in the form of having the same last name spelled correctly.


  1. All members of your party MUST have the same last name, this excludes gang members.


  1. You are allowed to shoot at other people shooting at your party/gang. This can not break any other rules.


  1. You need to be in the same party/gang in order to officially base with someone.


  1. In order to raid the bank/store/casino with a non-gang member, you need to have the same last name.


  1. In order to start a mafia family, you must gather 5 members to start a family. All members must have the same last name. Once you have gathered 5 or more members, you may ask a staff member to issue whitelists to mafia to yourself as well as your family.


  1. Mafia wars are the same as gang wars.


  1. All mafia rules are the same as gang rules.


K.) Families

  1. Your family can be removed at any time for any reason 


      2.  If a family member breaks a rule, that whole family gets a strike, if you get 5 strikes your family will be removed 


      3. It is the leaders duty to make sure all family members are kept in line 


      4. If you, and another family are acquaintances, you can not do crimes against each other  


      5. Acquaintances are able to commit crimes with each other, and not other families that you are not acquaintances with 


      6. The Mafia jobs applies to all families, those ranks should apply to the family ranks.  


     7. You can not have a government family 


      8. The family must already be established whiten the community, and know for not being mingy 

      9. To Ally with another family, the main allying family's must be registered under the family Application Format.


The family rules are really strick because we want families to be role models to the server, for a better RP experience 


L.) Tow Truck Driver Rules



  1. Tow Truckers cannot do any criminal activities.
  2. Tow Trucker's can only tow government vehicles to the police station.
  3. Tow Truckers cannot fine government vehicles.
  4. Tow Truckers Can only possess a pistol.
  5. Tow Trucks Cannot be stolen/carjacked.
  6. Tow Truckers must advert the vehicle owners name/reason before towing a vehicle for e.g /advert Sugah your vehicle is being towed due to be parked on a sidewalk.
  7. You cannot tow/fine a vehicle in the Vehicle Spawn area (Look at Red line place past that they can be towed) Abusing this line will result in a warning
  8. You cannot tow government vehicles that have ELS lights on.
  9. Criminals cannot kill tow truck drivers, unless the vehicle is towed without reason.
  10. Criminals cannot drive away with their vehicle whilst its being towed.


M.) Gun Dealer Rules

  1. Must own and operate a gun shop in a building or a store.

  2.  Must sell guns to public.

  3. Cannot self-supply (Can self-supply if active on the job).

  4.  Cannot Raid/Counter/Jailbreak.

  5.  Cannot base with any criminals.

  6.  Gun dealers can personally use any weapon they are able to sell to another player.


N.) Elite Bodyguard Rules

  1. Can not commit criminal Activities
  2. Need to be hired by either government as an associate, or by a civilian
  3. Can not build a base
  4. Can not raid
  5. Can not assist in bank/store/casino robberies





If you have any questions about the rules or feel that some should be added/removed/edited, please contact the community manager. The community manager has supreme authority on the interpretation of all server, forums, and Discord regulations.


"True leadership is having the strength and knowledge to teach other to lead when you are no longer there, knowing you will be forgotten to time" - Jax

"Thou Shalt be beholden to no laws beyond these" 
- The Scythe Commandments

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