PoliceRP Will’s Ban

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Topic name: PoliceRP Will*

Your name:Will

Server:Police Rp

Your SteamID:STEAM_0:0:562439196

Ban or Warn?: Ban

Approximate time of your ban/warn: PERMA

Staff member who issued your ban/warn: Desktop 

Reason behind your ban/warn: “advertisement no bueno”

Explain why your ban should be overturned: the reason my ban should be overturned is becomes the person came to me and asked me about by police rp server and actually asked me to stream it on twitch. And no time did I go on the discord of elite ace and said anything about my server. Nor did an admin come to me and ask me about any of this they just listen to one side and boom I’m banned 






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I did talk with you, so you lied. I was actually the one who told Dindu to ban you. Action was already taken in both discord and in-game. Thank you have a good day!

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