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Reporting baccon

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Your Name and Rank - Phoenix SSGT 1X49
Your Department (if in one) - SWAT
Your Discord - PhoenixRem1x#6544

Name and Rank of the individual - Major Bacon
Department this Individual is part of - SWAT
The individual's Discord - Not sure

Offence - Never active
Information & Evidence (No Evidence will lead to less likelihood of it being accepted.) - 

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Bacon is on High Command Reserve, he's not obligated to be active. He is there incase he is needed. 


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This is not meant to be placed here. Reporting officers in this thread should be removed due to the fact that the creators are gone and there is no need to use such an inefficient system report officers. 


With that being said: He is in reserves due to the fact that staff has him busy, etc. There is no need for this thread to exist. 

M. Conrad Bulkey

Commissioner, Rockford Police Department (ret'd)



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