Cloaker's & Jimmy's Wedding Event!

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Cloaker and Jimmy Dean are finally getting married!
- Date = 27th of December 2020!
- These jobs are up for grabs, apply down below!
- If you cannot find a job suitable for you feel free to make an suggestion!
Priest: Solo
Janitor: Guapo
Camera Man: Daboi
Cloaker's Best Man: Tullemac
Cloaker's Best Man: N/A
Cloaker's Best Man: N/A
Jimmy's Best Man: Shoney
Jimmy's Best Man: N/A
JImmy's Best Man: N/A
Flower Boy: Griff
Flower Boy: DjXilma
Ring Bearer: Kennedy
Music Man: Phoenix
Cloaker's Parents: N/A
Cloaker's Parents: N/A
Jimmy's Parents: Hasan
Jimmy's Parents: Sugah
Body Guard Lead/Chief: Deathkillspeed82
Body Guard 1: Samkuro
Body Guard 2: OpaMendes
Body Guard 3: Lil Andam228
Body Guard 4: N/A
Application Format:
What job you want:
Why you want :
Hope to see you at the wedding // Cloaker & Jimmy

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Name: Solo
What job you want: Priest
Why you want: Because I've been previously ordained and I want to bless this holy matrimony.

"Thou shalt kill the beloved of those who resist."
-Scythe Commandments

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I would like to add a role “camera man” 


Name: DaBoi and/or ralnbow_person (discord)
What job you want: camera man
Why you want : someone needs to take group pictures of the wedding and live everything for people who can’t see it that wants too!

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Name: OpaMendes
What job you want: Body Guard
Why you want : Because im OpaMendes and everyone is afraid of me... done
Edited by OpaMendes

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