Merian Cooper

One Side Mafia

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Family Name:One Side Mafia

What Do You Want Tag To Say:One Side Mafia


Leader Of  Family: Merian One Side Mafia

Co-Leader Of Family:Dakota One Side Mafia

Names Of Members: Merian One Side Mafia,Dakota One Side Mafia,Tim One Side Mafia, CarlJohnson One Side Mafia One Joe One Side Mafia 

All Members Steam IDS: Merian STEAM_0:0:65819550,Prox STEAM_0;1;14248048 Dakota STEAM_0;1;180884879 Carl Johnson STEAM_0:0:75093734  dr.senpai STEAM_0:1:549967869

All Members Discord  GeorgeH#9238 , Dakota#0760 Prox#7116 Carl Johnson#3387  dr.senpai#5301

What Type Of Family Ex) Mafia, Gang,  Builders: Mafia

Reason For Starting Family: For the real RP experience to make friends and I think It will add more excitement to this amazing sever.

Why Do You Want A Family: I want people to be able to make friends,have fun,and be able to enjoy RP I hope I can help as much as I can.

In no way discord roles/ tags are being sold anywhere, discord

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