Staff Report Johnny Sins

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Your name: BROWNGANG Johnny Sins

Server: Poilce rp Elite Ace

Your SteamID: 

Accused Staff Member's Name:  DEP Chief Dindu 1O04

Accused Staff Member's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:58412497

Accused Staff Member's Rank: Head Admin

Rule Violation, Negligence, or Abuse of power: Very Biased and treated Rudely towards

Specific Rules Violated (if any): 

How did the Staff Member abuse? (if abuse)*Keep it brief*: Being very biased and not letting him hear my side of the story and never giving me a second to say what i  thought i did wrong and didn't give me a verbal since i didn't even know just very disrespectful not listening to me 

How did the Staff Member neglect his/her duties (if neglect)*Keep it brief*: Biased towards the person getting reported and not letting him say his side to the story.

Summary of events: Disrespectful towards the person getting reported in a sit and being extremly rude to me for no reason like i had done something towards him


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1. Dindu is a very nice man and i have been on both sides with him Being warned and getting someone warned

2.Pics or it didnt happen

3.They dont have to give you a verbal its there choice if they want to warn you

4. Don't be mad the staff is doing there job

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- Support
I did listen to you, and you admitted to your violations of server rules. Not knowing the server rules correctly does not grant you any immunity nor a VB. Nor does stating that you have 'mental health problems' for getting questioned in a sit wouldn't grant you any special treatments either. I explained you the reason why adverting just 'carjack' isn't sufficient due to the fact that vehicle owner can simply re-spawn the vehicle when vehicle owner's name isn't adverted. Your side of story was about how it was too cumbersome for you to type /advert carjack *vehicle owner's name* and you stated that such server rule was stupid as you didn't know about it. I've heard you and you've certainly have not provided any valid reason to take such statements in your favor. You have expressed no remorse for violating server rules, nor an apology to your accuser. Saying you are going to make a staff report, have me fired, and also have your warns appealed did not help your case at all either. Therefore, you have been warned for your violations of server rules.

Dindu | Did Nothing

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In order to make sure certain staff members are not bias I often am on the server on alt accounts. Using this I have caught many corrupt admins and every single time I have never once seen an issue with him. Often I get msges from other about him claiming that he is the best staff member we have, Unless you can provide evidence to this case your claim holds less then 0 merit. 

Jax, Chief Operating Director
EliteAce Co

"True leadership is having the strength and knowledge to teach other to lead when you are no longer there, knowing you will be forgotten to time" - Jax

"Thou Shalt be beholden to no laws beyond these" 
- The Scythe Commandments

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