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Steam Name: nikdude33


In-Game Name: Nikdude Thompson


SteamID: STEAM_0:0:514280219


Discord: nikdude33#7665


Age: 14


Country: United States of America.


References: None.


Have you donated?: No.


Time in game (!time in chat): 22 hours and 19 minutes.


Do you own a working microphone?: Yes but it does not work very well in-game.


When did you start playing Garry's Mod?: May 1st.


What are your prior staff experiences in Garry's Mod?: I do not have any prior staff experience.


Number of Warns: I believe one.


Have you ever been banned on here before?: I have not been banned before.


Have you ever been banned from any Garry's Mod community before?: I have not been banned from any GMod community before.


What Rank are you applying for?: The rank I am applying for is trail mod.


Time Zone: EST.


Have you read the Staff Handbook?:  Yes.


What does being a Staff Member mean to you? (150+ words): 

What being a staff member means to me means to be someone who is there when someone needs help. Staff members mean to me that they sacrifice their own time to help us with our problems as well as they are here to make the community a better place to be by handling problems with rule breakers. They enforce the rules when broken and inflict a punishment worth the severity of the rule broken. They make sure that people enjoy their time on Elite Ace and help with the moderation of the severs they are assigned to. To be a staff member means to me is that you're someone who helps the community, someone who is on regularly, staff members enforce the rules even if they don’t want to because it's their friends they have a duty to uphold, to be a staff member means that you represent Elite Ace and everyone else.


Why do you want to become a Staff Member; what can you bring to the staff team? (150+ words): 

The reason why I want to become a staff member is so I can gain first hand experience of what it's like to be a staff member as well as I want to be able to help the community more due to the reason that I don’t really help much. I want to learn how to handle situations without having anyone else get involved with the situation and without getting in trouble. I want to become an admin to make the server a better place and less toxic as well. What I can bring to the staff team is that I can be on almost everyday until my normal schedule resumes which would be soon. I would be able for the days I can be on to help take care of situations. What I can bring is that I could help with the maintenance of the enjoyability of the server.

What is your ultimate goal in becoming a Staff Member?: My ultimate goal of becoming a staff member is to gain experience of being a good Staff Member as well as bein able to erase the toxicity as well as make the sever that I enjoy playing on better.

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Did not meet in game time requirements

Jax, Chief Operating Director
EliteAce Co

"True leadership is having the strength and knowledge to teach other to lead when you are no longer there, knowing you will be forgotten to time" - Jax

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