Staff Report on Jonothan

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Note: There are two reasons for the report, one is highlighted in red and the other is blue.

Your name: Sugah

Server: PoliceRP

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:196278315

Accused Staff Member's Name: Jonothan

Accused Staff Member's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:523750051

Accused Staff Member's Rank: Moderator

Rule Violation, Negligence, or Abuse of power: Negligence and Rule Violation

Specific Rules Violated (if any): Taking a sit while off of staff job

How did the Staff Member abuse? (if abuse)*Keep it brief*: N/A

How did the Staff Member neglect his/her duties (if neglect)*Keep it brief*: Cloaked while on police job and killed two people. Took sit while on police job

Summary of events: There was a casino raid, Jonothan was on a police job. He ran in while cloaked and killed the two people robbing it. He was very negligent and ruined an RP experience for two people. Jonothan admitted to taking sits while on police job, not staff job or CC, as a moderator.



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Very Disappointing that this staff member did this.

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Not only did Jonathan Re-Apply to staff but he has a history of breaking staff regulations. - The report was accepted. He's shown to be immature and unfit for the responsibility that comes with staff and should be removed. If he is not willing to comply he should not be allowed to hold a superior position to those of the general player base. Jonathan has also shown to have anger issues and have a hard time making decision while under emotional pressure.


Sincerely - Staff Veteran PalmZ

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Bad wording

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