Staff Report On Jonothan Peterson

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Your name: WillyWoofers

Server: EliteAce PoliceRP

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:207859222

Accused Staff Member's Name: Jonothan Peterson

Accused Staff Member's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:523750051

Accused Staff Member's Rank: Moderator

Rule Violation, Negligence, or Abuse of power: RDM, Admin Personal Abuse, giving warning then after ban threat, Made person switch roles mid raid for his own use -off duty, accused me of false RDM, Switching into staff mode mid raid.

Specific Rules Violated (if any): RDM, Admin Personal Abuse, giving warning then after ban threat, Made person switch roles mid raid for his own use -off duty, accused me of false RDM, Switching into staff mode mid raid.

How did the Staff Member abuse? (if abuse)*Keep it brief*:  Verbal Abuse in EliteAce General chat, he was switching into a mod mid raid, made someone switch job because a expert thief apparently isn't aloud to guard or go near the president, he was not letting me Raid PD while he was hiding in it as a president while I was trying to assasinate him he told me I needed admin permission to raid and them he didn't give me permission so i had no way to get in without getting warned 

How did the Staff Member neglect his/her duties (if neglect)*Keep it brief*: Not Helping Anyone, Only Helping him self while using Mod.

Summary of events: Me and my friends were playing. I got voted for president then became a dictator. Jonothan did not like that so he proceeded to come to my office as a mod and point out every single wrong thing. then forced my bodyguard to switch jobs and as my bodyguard was switching jobs he started raiding my office. I ended up killing his whole team by myself and then gave me RDM for that. After that He became president and hid in PD from me. I was trying to assisinate him but he told me I couldn't go in unless I had permission to raid from a admin so i asked him if I could raid. and he said no i could not raid the PD all because we knew he was hiding in there as a president. Thankyou -WillyWoofers ❤️

Evidence:  image.pngimage.png

Jonothan {Rudy's Husband} — 03/27/2021 Imagine using the "My autistic brother did it" Excuse to get out of a ban SPO WillyWoofers D-140 — 03/27/2021 it was sarcasm/exaggeration Jonothan {Rudy's Husband} — 03/27/2021 Bull fucking shit, you said "BRUH HIS AUTISTIC BROTHER DID IT HES LITERALLY A RETARD" every autistic person in here should tell you to shut the fuck up

Player Report Jonothan replied to Jonothan's topic in Player Report Add RDM to that 33 minutes ago 2 replies Jonothan Player Report Jonothan replied to Jonothan's topic in Player Report He's just done it again 37 minutes ago 2 replies Jonothan Player Report Jonothan posted a topic in Player Report Your Name:Jonothan Server: PRP Your SteamID:STEAM_0:0:523750051 Player in question:WillyWoofers Player's SteamID:STEAM_0:0:207859222 Specific Rule(s) Violated: Invisible props, minge, PD Raid without staff approval Brief summary of what happened: Evidence: Garry's_Mod_202103.29-_17_42_50_00.mp4 40 minutes ago 2 replies 



Have a beautiful day<3 WillyWoofers

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I had no problem with you as president. I never gave you an RDM warn. I said don't use invisible probs and that's apparently pointing out every wrong thing? When I said switch jobs the police hadn't even started raiding you yet, Police are allowed to kill dictator if they all agree to revolt against them, I was mistaken about the admin permission but you had no right to raid the PD as a crip since I wasnt a dictator nor did you have a hit on me, I did not verbally abuse you but I did say people should tell you to shut up because you compared people on the spectrum to retards, Making a "false" report isn't against the rules? If I missed anything let me know and I'll respond again

Also for most of these accusations you've provided no evidence

We are a collection of flaws and perfections, but what's flawed and what's perfect is bound to interpretation.

Jonothan Peterson,
Trial Mod

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Posted (edited)

My Opinion


All you gave proof of is that you killed him, the rest is quoted and can't be backed up by any form of evidence, so it can't be used as evidence against a staff.

If you can't provide appropriate evidence then I see no reason why this report should be accepted. You also listed "Specific Rules Violated" badly, you could've mentioned specific sections in the rules/MOTD, such as "A29" (" Do not run into spawn to avoid RP. An RP situation may continue if you run into spawn."). Instead of doing this, you essentially repeated what you said in response to the previous question.

Not much effort was put into this report overall.

Edited by Griff



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The proof you gave was that you only kill gik when he was in PD. The stuff in the " are references what you said. Their really no proof here which can be typed in or fake.

Then their is not much proof I can go off of if jonothan was in the wrong.

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