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  1. ACCEPTED Contact HOS Barack Obama for your interview.
  2. Denied - Not Active Enough - Doesn’t Do Very Much SGT+ Work
  3. Low Command Promotion Application Time-in-Grade Requirement for each rank: SGM > LT - 2 weeks | LT > CPT - 2 weeks | CPT > MAJ - 4 weeks Create a new topic in the Police Category, DO NOT REPLY TO THIS THREAD Name your application like this: Name - Low Command Promotion Application FAILURE TO ABIDE BY TiG REQUIREMENT WILL RESULT IN INSTANT DENIAL AND DEMOTION In-Game Name: Discord Tag (Ex: Throwaway#1234): SteamID: Current Rank: How long have you been in your current rank?: What timezone are you in?: How many warns / strikes do you have?: Why should you be promoted (Minimum of 300+ words): You agree that disobeying any rules set by High Command will result in an immediate demotion (Yes/No):
  4. I will be holding this off for more feedback.
  5. -Support That Punishment for FO is a 10 minute jail stated in the staff guidelines, so he doesn't have to listen to you. Also, The decision is up to the staff member handling the sit not other staff members.
  6. Name: Obama Rank: Admin Staff Team: PoliceRP Screenshot of discord rank (with your name): Won't let me add it but you can confirm by talking to any smt
  7. The 69 player model is already taken by another cc
  8. In-Game Name: Barack Obama SteamID: STEAM_0:1:211099187 Current Staff Rank: Senior Moderator How long have you been in your current rank?: 2 Weeks What timezone are you in?: CST How many warns do you have?: 1 Why should you be promoted (Minimum of 150+ words) I think I should get promoted because I am one the most active staff members of Elite Ace. In this two week period, I have helped other staff members when they have issues and have helped a lot of members when they have problems. I am trying my best to make sure that I am not biased in anyways towards any other staff members, and have patched a lot of problems that I have with others. Also, we need more active higher up positions that can be on, and fulfill there duties as a staff member. I always put staff over rp, and I am very active on the forums, I also have not gotten any warnings or strikes during this two week period. I try to represent Elite Ace the best I possibly can and I’m always helping new players out and showing them what we offer on this server. If I get this promotion I can also take care of ban/warn appeals to lift some work off of SMT. Lastly, I think I should get a promotion because I’ve been working very hard these last two weeks on making sure that the server is minge free and I have hopped on at odd hours to get rid of massrdmers or constant rule breakers. Thank you for taking the time to read this, have a good rest of your week or weekend.
  9. Name: Barack Obama Rank: S-Mod Staff Team: PoliceRP Screenshot of discord rank (with your name):
  10. You don't report someone for not knowing the rules? you report them for breaking rules, or misusing their powers