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  1. Your Name and Rank - Jakku - MSGT Your Department (if in one) - PD + SWAT Your Discord - Jakku#3751 Name and Rank of the individual - Zeal Team Commander - Sidon Department this Individual is part of - Zeal The individual's Discord - Sidon#2299 Offence - Excess Lethal Force + Destroying my car for no reason Information & Evidence (No Evidence will lead to less likelihood of it being accepted.) - Garry's Mod (x64) 2021-02-21 16-24-39.mp4
  2. Your report has been DENIED! Next time you make a report please bring Evidence! Thanks!
  3. You have 48 Hours to provide evidence or this will be denied, Thank you.
  4. -/+ Neutral Support From what i have seen, You are a good player, but you dont really have THAT much time. Yes 6 days is a lot, but in addition, your application just seems rushed and overall not a very quality application. Your fun to play with on the server and are a cool person though!
  5. Your MVP/Prior Donator packages do not give you anything extra when it comes to weapons and extras for the custom classes!
  6. @Jax, Horseman of death[EA] There's a very explicate reason why he said he doesn't want you to handle this situation your too close to him and the situation as a hole. While yes he did use his powers for staffing, he mainly only took care of people that were interrupting him developing/working. I just recommend talking to @[FL:RP] Swiey [999] about it I don't think any thing bad should come out of it just that he should try not to unless dire.
  7. In-Game Name: Jakku SteamID: STEAM_0:0:455309173 Current Staff Rank: Moderator How long have you been in your current rank?: About 3 Weeks. What timezone are you in?: Eastern Standard Time (EST) How many warns do you have?: 1 Warn for NLR, and no staff warnings. Why should you be promoted (Minimum of 150+ words): I wish to be promoted to the rank of Senior Moderator because, ever since I joined this community, they have welcomed me with open arms. When I made mistakes they were there to help lift me up and help me. I want to have the ability to do that with new members of the staff team. The staff team is an excellent team that I get to work with daily to make the server a better and more fun place to play. If I get the rank of Senior Moderator, I wish to join the server Mentorship team. This team is exactly what I want to dedicate my time and resources to. This will give me the ability to teach and manifest in the future managers and leaders of the server. In addition, I will have a higher level of responsibility and have a better way to punish players with my increased ban time. With this ban time, not only can I keep the server clean from any players that wish to cause the server harm, but it gives me an opportunity to help staff members below me when they need a player banned for a long time. ~Jakku | CNP Leader of Narco's RP | Current Moderator | Field Agent for the FBI Thanks for reading my application
  8. Name: Jakku Rank: Moderator Staff Team: PoliceRP Screenshot of discord rank (with your name): https://gyazo.com/3c22fa3cf7fb2dab0f8ef5e78054f984?token=51b6194cf23068f39255d618a0cfd396 (Idk why i had to make another one it did some weird thing with my forums account)