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  1. Name: Tullemac Rank: Deputy Chief Operating Director Staff Team: (Global Management) Screenshot of discord rank (with your name): Check discord i cannot post screenshots here sorry
  2. Cloaker and Jimmy Dean are finally getting married! - Date = 27th of December 2020! - These jobs are up for grabs, apply down below! - If you cannot find a job suitable for you feel free to make an suggestion! Priest: Solo Janitor: Guapo Camera Man: Daboi Cloaker's Best Man: Tullemac Cloaker's Best Man: N/A Cloaker's Best Man: N/A Jimmy's Best Man: Shoney Jimmy's Best Man: N/A JImmy's Best Man: N/A Flower Boy: Griff Flower Boy: DjXilma Ring Bearer: Kennedy Music Man: Phoenix Cloaker's Parents: N/A Cloaker's Parents: N/A Jimmy's Parents: Hasan Jimmy's Parents: Sugah Body Guard Lead/Chief: Deathkillspeed82 Body Guard 1: Samkuro Body Guard 2: OpaMendes Body Guard 3: Lil Andam228 Body Guard 4: N/A Application Format: Name: What job you want: Why you want : Hope to see you at the wedding // Cloaker & Jimmy
  3. Please follow the format! You have 48 hours to fix the format: Your name: Server: Your SteamID: Ban or Warn?: Approximate time of your ban/warn: Staff member who issued your ban/warn: Reason behind your ban/warn: Explain why your ban should be overturned:
  4. I have never received a single warn because I'm a good boy!
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    Wrongfully Warned

    Denied! Did not follow the format! Feel free to make a new appeal with the right format!
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    Hello Bob! Great having you in our community! // Director of the DarkRP Staff Team, Tullemac
  7. Accepted! Your warn will be removed as soon as possible.
  8. Accepted! Your warn will be removed as soon as possible.
  9. Denied! Did not follow the format!
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    @MILDLYW ッ your input please!
  11. Hello Spinch! Great having you in our community! // Director, Tullemac