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  1. Not that it matters cause were both TopHat. But you forgot the screen shot where he adverted dictator 5 minutes later and told you about the 15 minute wait before advert.
  2. +Support Lots of experience and is a trust worthy member of the community. I've seen him give refunds to people when they didn't have of purchase for items such as bitcoin printers etc. Never seen him be toxic or be disrespectful to anyone. - Staff Veteran PalmZ
  3. Not only did Jonathan Re-Apply to staff but he has a history of breaking staff regulations. - The report was accepted. He's shown to be immature and unfit for the responsibility that comes with staff and should be removed. If he is not willing to comply he should not be allowed to hold a superior position to those of the general player base. Jonathan has also shown to have anger issues and have a hard time making decision while under emotional pressure. Sincerely - Staff Veteran PalmZ