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  1. Accepted. Evidence is clear in the report.
  2. I need server manager tag pls thank you
  3. Hasan


    Are you sure this was on the darkrp server?
  4. Hasan

    Pasts Ban Appeal

    Accepted didn't know it was a sit.
  5. HUGE +support -experienced -professional -dedicated -trusted community member -great rper who is always trying to improve rp -It is my honest opinion that Solo would be the perfect fit for this position.
  6. Hasan

    Solo staff report

    -support The first offense for lying to staff is a 10 minute jail. Says so in the punishment guidlines.It is the correct punishment and he was right to not listen to you.
  7. Accepted contant Simon on discord to schedule your interview.
  8. Hasan

    Jonothan staff report

    Court report: Past vs Jonathan Staff member in question: Jonathan Offense in question: "not knowing the rules"/"ignoring RDM" Verdict: Not Guilty Evidence: Screenshots Provided/ MOTD Summary: Staff member Jonathan has been reported for not knowing the rules which would in theory make him complicit in ignoring an RDM. The situation is that a player entered a base unwanted. According to this player he was RDMed because a there was no KOS sign on this base. Staff member Jonathen then tells this player that it is not RDM. A staff report is then made due to him and i quote "not knowing the rules". However, rule C)14 states "Entering or heavily loitering a base uninvited makes you KOS (no warning is needed, Unless its for Loitering)." Therefore staff member Jonathan did everything correctly following the MOTD. In conclusion: Player reports staff member Jonathan for not knowing the rules when they are the one who ironically does not know the rules. This event has been noted on the record of the accused and appropriate action will be taken. Closed. Signed, Hasan, Head of Staff EliteAce PoliceRP
  9. Hasan


    Denied 19 warns and did not even write steamid.
  10. Hasan


    Accepted wrong steamid was used in the ban request