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  1. + Support - Funny dude - Good effort on application - Has potential to be good Staff member
  2. Court report: Staff Reported: ImSudo Offense: 1 count - Negligence. 1 count Rule Violation Verdict: Guilty. Evidence: Provided in report: Video evidence + testimony from SMT and GMT members Summary: ImSudo lockpicked a door as a thief for the PD, this is clearly a violation of Rule C.29. ImSudo was also arguing with staff and players in OOC and acted unprofessional. Punishment: ImSudo will be striked and his first staff strike will become permanent leaving him with 2 strikes on his record. ImSudo will also be under a strict 1 month probation and will be demoted one rank as is customary when someone is striked twice and has a permanent strike. ImSudo will be warrned for FailRP for the violation of rule C.29 as well. Closed.
  3. + Support - Funny dude - Fun to RP with - Mature - Good effort on application - Would make a good addition to the staff team
  4. + Support - Fun to RP with - Active - Good effort on staff application - Would make a good addition to the staff team
  5. This matter is still under review
  6. This matter is under review
  7. @ImSudo Do you have any evidence to provide or anything to say in your defense?
  8. Accepted - Courage was acting over zealously when he banned and warned you for LTAP - And if you were leaving to avoid RP the ban and warn should’ve been for LTARP - Courage will be spoken too and SMT will discuss possible punishment - Your ban and warn will be removed ASAP, Apologies you had to wait
  9. @CoUrAgE ThE CoWaRdLy DoG what evidence can you provide to the situation?
  10. @CoUrAgE ThE CoWaRdLy DoG your side of the story please
  11. + Support - Had more time on server before restart - Active - Prior staffing experience - Good effort on application - I would’ve been a reference if they asked - Has potential to be good addition to the staff team
  12. @ImSudo input you can provide will be appreciated
  13. Ranso your imput please good sir
  14. + Support - Solid effort on application - Funny dude - Active - Prior staffing experience - Has potential to be a good addition to the staff team