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  1. Bambob01

    Unban request

    he got a second chance spoke to actual staff about it we all agreed to give him a chance
  2. Bambob01

    Ban Appeal

    seems like you think your a gem and you did nothing? cant even apologize for your mistake on the situation Shame.....
  3. This is not a staff report Queef its a IA report he removed u as Assistant Department Manager which manages all gov and crim departments
  4. Thats upto the Owner his the one who wanted you banned i cannot overturn that
  5. we run our Company through discord anything against the staff here that is Harassment Threats ETC can be delt with in game
  6. The owner wanted you banned for 60 years For Harassing SMT why did u not put his name in here?
  7. I was asked to ban you lol
  8. you missing some things like how he told u to write a report and u ignored him and how your friend lied several times to us and was asked to stop messaging us by me and the Community-Advisor
  9. DENIED Minged in PD discord Bad behaviour and clearly not on to RP He gave you a chance, that was his choice he can make u switch jobs if he wishes this is not a staff report its a PD report in IA discord
  10. Actually you was both blacklisted
  11. You are blacklisted bro i banned you from the discord for ear raping during a pd meeting
  12. Does not matter if u sent it to callum send it here or the evidence wont be counted Thank You