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  1. - Support -support. time/5 hours You need more time in my opinion -/+ Ok Effort on the staff App. -/+ gaming Light staff is not the best.
  2. Willy then you just got on and play cop no other class.
  3. +/- if the cop were on a crimals class and switch to pd that a new life then you don't remember nothing from your old life which would me meta game.And if zeal search the vault then why did they not find them?When you search the same vault? + It spelled wrongly.
  4. Name:Donald Rank:Senoir administer Staff Team:Police Rp Screenshot of discord rank (with your name):Does not let me post image said I need URL.
  5. And they never ask for me to fix my base they just warn me. Basing Related Offences- This section is only to be used if they refuse to fix the base.
  6. -support Should of call a sit not kill them.
  7. -support The proof you gave was that you only kill gik when he was in PD. The stuff in the " are references what you said. Their really no proof here which can be typed in or fake. Then their is not much proof I can go off of if jonothan was in the wrong.
  8. -support Never seen you on cop only on swat The grammar is bad in app
  9. In-Game Name: Donald The Duck Server: Police RP SteamID:Steam_0:1:169900335 Date Of Warn:3/17/2021 Warn Reason: Failbase vb Why should we remove the warning?: Then about 2 weeks go I made a base it had all the same things as the base on the roof. I ask a Moderator for their opinion about it because in my eyes I did think the props were too hard to see through. The mod said it was good and then I went on my day. Now 2 weeks later then now I get told I was a Failbase by the cops because of people shooting through stuff that they were not supposed to and the doors ways were too hard to see through. Then I got brought to a sit got told that the base was too hard to see threw they gave me a vb fail base warning.
  10. +support The cops were trespassing at the time which did not have his permission to be on his property. Then it was a legal death for sugar to kill the cop because he was trespassing at the time. Which if they would of raid the base because of an officer trespassing it would fail RP. Rule C 14 said he can kill someone who is on his property with no warning. C 42 said don't kill any Unarmed people. In the photo, it clearly shows that sugah was unarmed and got killed. The sniper on the roof of the hotel was probably watching sugah for a long period waiting for the perfect shot. Then in my conclusion, Jonothan did negligence or failure to properly take care of the sit probably.
  11. + Support More active a lot other people 1 warning Nice guy in total Good effort in the staff app
  12. +support +See him multiple times on the server +playtime +effort
  13. Johnny when I was typing this you were a tmod. Second I did put this in warn appeal and staff report. Because if I do not put this in staff report you would not learn from your mistakes and you would probably warn other people for the same thing I did. Then you should be happy that you got a staff report now about then later when you could of warn a lot more people the same thing I did and thought it was breaking the rules. Whitch would cause a lot more problems.
  14. Rule 14.C "Entering or heavily loitering a base uninvited makes you KOS (no warning is needed, Unless its for Loitering)..."
  15. B10 You may build Kill On Sight (KOS) Zones (you may use text screens to build a small outline around your base entrance). That is not telling if you need a kos sign to kill someone that broke in or came in without your permission. B11 Only said signs must be clearly visible. It does not say this (implies that only in KOS zones can you KOS.) Their no rule that said implies that only in KOS zones can you KOS. If their was citizens and crimals can not kill someone that came into their base or building with a gun or with out a gun out. Witch implies that I and other people can not guard are base from people coming in without a warning or advert from the player because we don't not have a KOS sign.