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    - Support Okay... With my time on Garry's Mod I have realized Phoenix is the person who starts the most toxicity but then goes and cries about it. Reason to this with all due and respect, is the fact that just the other day everyone was having a nice normal day and out of no where he asked "whos the bloods leader" then someone proceeds to tell him and he has the audacity to say " I'm sorry for you guys and leader " Then proceeds to sit there and expect nothing to happen. I feel as if this kid has so much anger built up due to something personal in the past, sadly he has admitted to me about it just don't want the problem to affect other people? But every encounter i have had with this kid its always negative. I don't appreciate the fact that he wants to sit here and act like a good guy when he is most definitely the person to start his arguments just cant ever finish them so he gets really butt hurt and has to go cry about it. I hope this comes across something because out of all of this i think the issue is him and no one else yeah words may be exchange but they are exchanged for a reason and especially because of Sugah we all know Sugahs the nicest one but he will sure also let you know if he doesn't like you or not so how bout you leave him alone because what you did here was just digging yourself a deeper hole. Sincerely Dream
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