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  1. You're missing the bottom half of the format We need this still: Model Link(from steam not from the server can't be one thats already used): Lockpick or Keypad Cracker (Criminal) : Extras (Optional): Discord: Picture Of Credits Spent Ex.
  2. Can't have lockpick and cuffs as primary and secondary. They have to be m9k weapons. You can get the lockpick and cuffs as extras, also you need to show proof of purchase.
  3. Your primary and secondary must be m9k weapons we have in the game, look in the Q menu. If you wish to have the hackphone in your class you need to pay an extra $5. The lightsaber is another $10 on top of that. To have your class added as a hitman is $10 dollars more. The increased speed is an extra $30.
  4. Model size is 4MB too large Also, could you please remove the excess words (such as the format with no info). It would make this much easier to read and understand what you're asking for in your CC.