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  1. Your name: Sugah Server: PoliceRP Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:196278315 Accused Staff Member's Name: Jonothan Accused Staff Member's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:523750051 Accused Staff Member's Rank: Moderator Rule Violation, Negligence, or Abuse of power: Negligence Specific Rules Violated (if any): Unsure about an exact rule, he just clearly didn't care about the sit and wasn't thorough in looking at logs. How did the Staff Member neglect his/her duties (if neglect)*Keep it brief*: Failure to read logs and handle a sit properly. If he would have looked at logs he would have found evidence but he rushed through the sit. Summary of events: I called an RDM sit, Jonothan accepted it. My claim was about me being killed by police at my home while not having a weapon out (Rule: C. Advert/Criminal Rules Number 42). He said since my house was in a current RP situation, I could be killed which isn't true. The evidence I will show below this shows I was RDM'ed and he could have easily looked in logs and seen this but he didn't. According to the rule previously stated, I was clearly RDM'ed and Jonothan blatantly disregarded it. Evidence: Picture 1- The Swat member who killed me doing 100% damage. (Let it be known I don't want the player warned now, just the accused staff member.) Picture 2- Me (clearly show with Victim above my head) no weapon at time of death. Both hands clearly by side
  2. +Support Rule 14.C "Entering or heavily loitering a base uninvited makes you KOS (no warning is needed, Unless its for Loitering)..." Clearly does not know the rules and falsely warned Donald.
  3. Sugah

    Player Report

    Tullemac, I understand where you're coming from in this response but you need to realize that your dislike of my "expression" doesn't mean a rule was broken. Saying mean things to someone who initiated a conversation with me first isn't harassment. Like I said before, had I been pulled to a sit and they said "Please stop talking to Phoenix, anything further will be counted as harassment." I would have stopped talking to him at all. He didn't call a sit and instead chose to crop out his portion of the conversation and insinuate it was only me talking to him. Also, to say I "broke rule A7: 'Arguing in OOC is not permitted.' and admitted to it" is simply untrue. The staff member that was there and saying we were arguing would have warned me for it as he/she (I am unsure of their gender as it is ambiguous) was the one who thought it was arguing in the first place. You can be told to stop arguing in OOC then if you continue you receive a warn, which I did not receive. I do thank you for your response though. :)
  4. Sugah

    Player Report

    1. I'd like for you to show all sides of the chat and who started what before anyone decides anything. Keeping pertinent information from staff while making a report and doctoring photos to make something one-sided isn't what a person with the Senior-Moderator rank should be doing. 2. The screenshots are from a single conversation which, according to the rules, would not count as harassment. It has to be continued and constant to be harassment. Having one rude conversation isn't breaking any rule. If I were, say, standing outside your base or messaging you calling you names after you and/or another staff had told me to stop that WOULD count as harassment and I would fully accept a warn for it. 3. I would like to point out a few of these pieces of "evidence" are clearly me talking to someone else, NOT Phoenix. I will refer to them by their first 3 letters/number in the link provided by Phoenix. Picture 1ae- You see me saying the phrase "What a fucking nerd". There is no other conversation in this screenshot to provide context or indicate I am talking to or about Phoenix. Picture 81e- In this screenshot I tell an Admin to "shut the fuck up..." in response to him stating we are arguing. While you may think it was rude of me, this is clearly not directed toward Phoenix and I have no clue why he added it because it isn't relevant to his report. Picture 33e- This picture, in my opinion, couldn't be counted as harassment either way. I was stating that Phoenix starts and/or interjects himself into conversations then cry's when people tell him he has no place in their conversation and to be quiet. When I say things such as "shut the fuck up no one cares what you think", although it is mean it's not against the rules to tell someone to stop butting in to your chat. In whole, this report is more about my personality. While I admit, I can be rude and maybe a little too straightforward, not sparing anyone's feelings, I have not broken any server rules according to these pieces of evidence shown against me. Thank you for your time in reading my response.
  5. Sugah

    Pheniox staff report

    Yes, I saw it happen. He was not on duty. There were two other staff he could have called.
  6. Can't have lockpick and cuffs as primary and secondary. They have to be m9k weapons. You can get the lockpick and cuffs as extras, also you need to show proof of purchase.
  7. Your primary and secondary must be m9k weapons we have in the game, look in the Q menu. If you wish to have the hackphone in your class you need to pay an extra $5. The lightsaber is another $10 on top of that. To have your class added as a hitman is $10 dollars more. The increased speed is an extra $30.
  8. Model size is 4MB too large Also, could you please remove the excess words (such as the format with no info). It would make this much easier to read and understand what you're asking for in your CC.