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  1. +Support +Active +Good at RP +Good Effort into Application +Would be a really good addition to the team Good Luck with your staff app ! Hope to see you on the team Sincerely Senior Admin : Facc
  2. Facc

    Role Request

    Senior Admin
  3. +/- Support + Good Guy +Good Aplication + Put efort in application +Over Word Limit in application -8 Warns -Has been banned before Best of Luck with your staff app Sincerely (Senior Mod) Facc
  4. CC name: Delta Force New CC player Modle:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=246155183 Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:467842138 Evidence: David has it if you still need evidence DM me on discord.
  5. CC name : Delta Force Old CC Class Type : (Criminal) New CC Class Type : Government Evidence of Payment : David has it on his Delta Account but if you need it DM me on discord
  6. Facc

    CC Change #1

    im about to like RN
  7. Facc

    CC Change #1

    CC old name:Black Disciples Elite CC new name:Delta Force Weapon replacement: replace (The Aris Shrike with ) Add Weapon: (FG 42) SteamID:STEAM_0:0:467842138
  8. -Support -If you want to explain a rule you dont spit a bonch of offencive and Racist words -There is a rule in the Motd witch stats : 14A.) Do not swear excessively. -Racism is not tolerated in EliteAce -Even tho people think that the rule : (38A.) Racism is not permitted, intentional similarities to racism are also not allowed.) is confusing the rules stats that any form of racism is not permitted and if you read the rule fully you can get the point
  9. +support +He know the server rules +He only has 3 warns +Hes never been Banned +He would be a great and responsible staff member +He put time and effort into his application Good luck on your staff app
  10. +support +Hes a good guy +Hes responsible +Hes not a minge +Has never been Banned and only has 1 warn +He knows most of the server rules