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  1. I would like to add a role “camera man” Name: DaBoi and/or ralnbow_person (discord) What job you want: camera man Why you want : someone needs to take group pictures of the wedding and live everything for people who can’t see it that wants too!
  2. Name: DaBoi and/or Ralnbow_person Rank: Senior Moderator Staff Team: PRP Screenshot of discord rank (with your name):
  3. +Support -Mature -Cool to be around -He’s a very hard worker for what he does -Could be a fun friend to have -does pretty much everything professionally
  4. +support +Overall good app +good person +knows what’s expected
  5. In-Game Name:DaBoi SteamID: STEAM_0:1:125021827 Current Staff Rank: Moderator How long have you been in your current rank?: 2 weeks What time zone are you in?: CST How many warns do you have?: 0 Why should you be promoted (Minimum of 150+ words): I think I’ve grown as a Staff Member over the almost month. I’ve been on this server for a week or two over a month so I’ve been open to nearly anything that could go on! I’ve gotten more mature over the time and I think I could put some more on my plate. I also want to even help others grow as now I could be in the mentorship and teach others of how to be a good Staff Member! I think that’ll be the best thing for me because it’ll also give me more connections to the newer Staff Members and even be noticed by more of the in-game players which would give me more connections to make the servers even better. I think I’ve made many friends on the Staff Team and that’s also one of the reason why I want to be a Senior Moderator so they can see me grow and as I grow I can see all of them grow as well!
  6. +Support +Overall good app! +Plenty of time +No bans/warns +Seems to know what their doing
  7. XxdaboixX

    Mod Req.

    Name: XxdaboixX Rank: Moderator Staff Team: PRP Screenshot of discord rank (with your name):
  8. I’ll see what I can do and dindu said he would
  9. Crawford Familia Roster.pdf Sorry heres the roster for now
  10. Family Name: Crawford What Do You Want Tag To Say: Crawford Clan [Doesnt matter what color] Acquaintances: N/A Leader Of Family: DaBoi [STEAM_0:1:125021827] Co-Leader Of Family: vapidtex[76561198178677186] Names Of Members: Will [STEAM_0:0:562439196] myk [STEAM_0:1:91823267] Shadow storm [STEAM_0:0:570661856] All Members Steam IDS: (In Names Of Members) All Members Discords: [Will] hartmanwill0406#6786 [Shadow storm] Shadow.#6099 [myk] This is your Captain pukin'#8086 [DaBoi] ralnbow_person#3098 [vapidtex] 𝓥𝓐𝓟𝓘𝓓𝓣𝓔𝓧#4978 What Type Of Family Ex) Mafia, Gang, Builders: Mafia Reason For Starting Family: Because I want to have a family known to everyone that whenever they hear "Crawford" They already know who we are kind of like Yuki and Scythe! Why Do You Want A Family: Because it gives people new friends and allys to stay with and having a family is something i wanted to run for a while now because i'm up for a challange in starting one and making sure everyone is doing their part and having fun!
  11. +overall good app +dedicated +meet time requirements Goodluck bro bro!
  12. XxdaboixX

    Tmod Req.

    Name: XxdaboixX Rank: Tmod (Trail moderator) Staff Team: PoliceRP Staff Team Screenshot of discord rank (with your name):
  13. Jakku is honestly an awesome person he’s had a lot of time on this server and my respect for him is super high +Support