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  1. You still have time. Please don't rush it.
  2. I'll give you 48 hours to make an application with more effort.
  3. Denied. Requirements were not met. Please have at least 48 hours in game prior to making a staff app. Feel free to reapply in 2 weeks and hopefully you would have more than 48 hours of play time at that point.
  4. Denied. Please make a staff application in 2weeks and follow the format next time.
  5. Denied. Due to the number of negative supports and its nature, your application have been denied. Please be more active in game, discord, and forums, then make a staff application in two weeks.
  6. Desktop

    Donk Admin

    Denied. Please follow the format when reapplying in two weeks.
  7. Your Staff Application has been accepted! Please DM me, homeland #7697 for an interview.
  8. Jonothan! I didn't know you enjoyed animals too! How do you like them on plate? I like them charcoal grilled!
  9. - Support I did listen to you, and you admitted to your violations of server rules. Not knowing the server rules correctly does not grant you any immunity nor a VB. Nor does stating that you have 'mental health problems' for getting questioned in a sit wouldn't grant you any special treatments either. I explained you the reason why adverting just 'carjack' isn't sufficient due to the fact that vehicle owner can simply re-spawn the vehicle when vehicle owner's name isn't adverted. Your side of story was about how it was too cumbersome for you to type /advert carjack *vehicle owner's name* and you stated that such server rule was stupid as you didn't know about it. I've heard you and you've certainly have not provided any valid reason to take such statements in your favor. You have expressed no remorse for violating server rules, nor an apology to your accuser. Saying you are going to make a staff report, have me fired, and also have your warns appealed did not help your case at all either. Therefore, you have been warned for your violations of server rules.
  10. Accepted. LTARP BAN 1 has been removed from your records.
  11. - Support The jail time was a custom punishment for cop-baiting as we spoke for about 5 min regarding your Cop baiting offense. This was going to be your 4th offense however under considerations of your willingness to amend your behavior I went about offering you a 10 min jail time instead of warning you for 4th offense which would have resulted in 24hr ban. From your statements in this ban appeal, I suppose you still do not understand the decisions you made and actions you have committed to get you to receiving the LTAP BAN 1. Next time when you receive an admin Jail time - Do not disconnect from the game.
  12. - support Please follow the format on the application. It shouldn't take much effort to copy and paste the format. Then proceed to meet the word count requirements on the application.
  13. + Support Genuinely I would like to see him be part of the staff team again.
  14. + support Great activity and understanding of the server rules. Have had lots of positive interactions. Would be an wonderful addition to the staff team!