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  1. +1 Reasons given above fits my opinion. Good luck.. Snake // Admin, Major RFPD
  2. Name: Don Reynolds Rank: MAJ Badge #: 1F35 Discord: [NA] Snake#4747 Activity: 7
  3. Alex t mn05 will be receiving warnings for the 2 counts of RDM. Snake // Admin, MAJ D. Reynolds CLOSED
  4. +1 Alex t mn05 did in-fact breach 34A. with 2 counts of RDM that can be shown within the video. No reason for why both the EMS and the Citizen whom was revived should've been killed in any RP reason. Snake // Admin, MAJ D. Reynolds
  5. -1 If you have no evidence regarding on the claims with Sudo, then you will not have my support. Snake // Admin, MAJ D. Reynolds
  6. +1 + Confirmed Reference. + General positive replies. + Playtime is low, but, others mentioned how devoted he was into reading the MOTD. Snake // Admin, MAJ D. Reynolds 1F35
  7. -1 - Application is okay. Although did not place fill in all prompts and grammar did not suffice. - A bit of warns. - Overall negative responses. - Only ever had one interaction with you. Take some time to learn the community. In Best Regards, Snake // Admin | MAJ D. Reynolds
  8. +1 + Active + Mature + Leadership Material Snake // Admin, MAJ D. Reynolds
  9. +1 I believe it is time for Dindu to be promoted to the rank of CPT. Snake // Admin, MAJ D. Reynolds
  10. -1 - Application has exceeded the word limit but this seems copy & pasted. - This is not Gaming Light. - You have 13 minutes. Very low playtime. - Possibly a staff member on another server as mentioned in your previous staff history. - Never seen you once on the server. In best regards, Snake // Admin | MAJ D. Reynolds
  11. DENIED Due to failure to correct the Appeal Format within the 24 hours given. Snake // Admin, MAJ Don Reynolds
  12. Snake

    unban me

    DENIED Snake // Admin, MAJ Don Reynolds
  13. + 1 + Good application. + General positive replies + Possibly a good fit for staff. - Never once have I seen you on and playtime is a bit low. Snake, [Admin] [CPT Don Reynolds]
  14. [PoliceRP] Administrator