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  1. How to flashbang forums 101 xd
  2. - Support Please follow the format for Warn/Ban Appeals
  3. + Support - Very professional - Very active - Super friendly - Very welcoming to new staff members. In general, I would love to see DaBoi in a higher position.
  4. Name: Dia Rank: Trial Moderator Staff Team: PoliceRP Screenshot of discord rank (with your name):
  5. Steam Name: DubbyWubby In-Game Name: Cordis Dia / Dia (Primarily go by Dia) SteamID: STEAM_0:1:120047337 Discord: Miles#0003 Age: 15 Country: USA References: N/A (If were talking about people who can vouch for my activity ingame: Sheriff Will, Undersheriff Courage, almost any deputy/member of Sheriffs, CPT Shoney) Have you donated?: Yes. MVP just recently. Time in game (!time in chat): 1 day 7h 41m (Not accurate due to the recent rollbacks. My time would be somewhere around 72 hours by now. Sheriff Will and Undersheriff Courage can 100% vouch for this as I joined this server 1.5 weeks ago. My garry's mod activity also shows this at 83 hours in the past 2 with no idle time in GMod nor any other server time.) Do you own a working microphone?: Yes When did you start playing Garry's Mod?: 2015. I have 1.6k hours. What are your prior staff experiences in Garry's Mod?: Lots. I owned a few servers back in my day and unfortunately didn't have the developmental experience (at the time) to run my own server. My earliest staff experience I can remember properly was Rhythm Gaming Sandbox. I went from Trial Mod to Co-Owner within about a month. Number of Warns: 0 Have you ever been banned on here before?: Never. Have you ever been banned from any Garry's Mod community before?: Not that I can recall. I may have been falsely banned in the past, but that'd explain why I cannot remember it. What Rank are you applying for?: Trial Moderator Time Zone: PST (Pacific Standard Time) Have you read the Staff Handbook?: Yes. What does being a Staff Member mean to you? (150+ words): Being a staff member is a pretty good idea. In a way, it shows to yourself that you have made it places even if it's just a Garry's Mod server. But in other ways, it shows that you have your head on straight. And to me, that could mean a lot of things. One of them being that I'm set for life should I want something, I can work hard to get it regardless of what it is. Being a staff member is also a pretty good way to earn respect and make friends, which I'm all for. Being a staff member would mean quite a lot to me because I would help other players in whatever they want to do and help them have a flawless experience on EliteAce. It can also help enforce discipline for myself and in doing that it could really help me out in the long run. Which I think would be super beneficial for me even now. Why do you want to become a Staff Member; what can you bring to the staff team? (150+ words): I want to become a Staff Member because it would show me that I've achieved something because I worked for it. I like the idea of working for something hard and then getting it. I also want to help players have a flawless experience on EliteAce with minimal interruptions by rule-breakers. I want to help the community thrive in any way that I can within my power. I believe I can do that on the staff team. I can bring an unbiased, fair, and helpful staff member to the team. I'm a pretty good multitasker with a pretty good eye for people, rule-breakers, minges, all of that. I'd like to think that I have good grammar, good decision making, and good personality judgment skills. I'm extremely active as I attend a no-teacher-involvement school. Which essentially means that I have no classes, just courses to complete. And can graduate/study at my own pace. With that in mind, I can dedicate about 4+ hours per day to the server. What is your ultimate goal in becoming a Staff Member?: Personally, attain more discipline. Technically, improve the server and better the community as much as I possibly can. :D