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  1. Job Name: Yuki Family Criminal or Government: Criminal Primary Weapon: Mk9 dbarrel Secondary Weapon: m9k_glock Job Description: Weeb family ask us about our boobs and you will die. Color: Pink SteamID: STEAM_0:0:72895102 Model Link: Um holler player model in game Lockpick or Keypad Cracker (Criminal) : Lockpick Extras (Optional): Armor 200 Terror Rape Kidnap M4a1 Beast = weapon_m4a1_beast Myan cat gun = weapon_nyangun Lightsabor = weapon_lightsaber Ray gun = gdcw_raygun Uzi x2 = weapon_ss2_uzi Cuffs = weapon_cuff_rope Medkit = weapon_medkit Hitman Discord: Farmer#0001 Picture Of Credits Spent (sent discord)
  2. Name: Rank: Staff Team: Screenshot of discord rank (with your name):
  3. Please use the proper format there's a template for you if you would like secondly id highly suggest you change your name
  4. Knife would be an additional cost as it would take up a weapon slot
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