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  1. No It literally says "Reason: None," and that is was done by the console, the last thing I did right before it happened though was use the staff lockpick I bought to open up a door then not even 30 seconds later I just got banned
  2. Your name: Cleopatra Server: DarkRP SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198212877003/home Ban or Warn?: Perma banned Approximate time of your ban/warn: 3:30 Staff member who issued your ban/warn: Console Reason behind your ban/warn: I was banned by server for doing nothing besides lockpicking a door as a thief after a police officer requested it? Explain why your ban should be overturned: I didnt do anything besides literally just open a door then i got banned, I just bought MVP yesterday and was using the thief class having fun