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  1. +/- Support I believe in second chances. But I also believe in the communities right to have fun on the server which you kind of tainted. No comment.
  2. + SUPPORT Unfortunately there is no video proof of harassment from either players. According to the dictionary definition, harassment is aggressive pressure or intimidation. I see none of that in this video and all be it these two may be very disrespectful, they are not harassing you and are within their first amendment rights since this is a RP server based in the USA. The loud screeching sound though that I did hear clearly was most definitely mic spamming and buzzingsteak should be warned accordingly. "oink oink oink" - Moderator HAWK
  3. @Christian, can you comment on this and possibly provide proof/logs if necessary?
  4. - Support ”likes to fly around”
  5. - SUPPORT Doesn’t have much play time on the server and has an obscured/unprofessional ultimate goal.
  6. - Support Only has 13 hours on the server. Great application but for me I don't feel comfortable giving you my support just yet because of your low playtime. Goodluck! - TMOD Hawk
  7. +++ Support Although I haven't had many RP experiences with Mason, every single one I have had has been very beneficial to my RP experience. Application is well made and I think personally Mason would be a great addition to the team.
  8. Hawk

    Vector's Staff App

    - Support - Obscured reason for becoming staff - Low playtime + Staff experience - Trial Moderator Hawk
  9. - Support - Low effort application
  10. Hawk

    Hawk Tags

    Need trial moderator tags for the PoliceRP server.
  11. +1 + Lots of staff experience + Good Application + Lots of playtime + Many role-play encounters - Lots of warns/bans Good luck! - Trial Moderator Hawk
  12. Steam Name: raven In-Game Name: Hawk SteamID: STEAM_0:1:99067006 Discord: Roman◄#3262 Age: 19 Country: USA References: Snookiebear asking for people to apply for staff in OOC. Have you donated?: Yes. For VIP and Cigarette Swep. Time in game (!time in chat): 2 Days, 12 Hours Do you own a working microphone?: Yes. When did you start playing Garry's Mod?: I started when I was around 14 years old. I have 5,000 hours in the game. What are your prior staff experiences in Garry's Mod?: I was a Moderator for the no longer existing PotatoRP DarkRP server until I saw its demise. I was also a Moderator on the seriousRP server ChronetRP until I also saw its demise. Number of Warns: 5 Have you ever been banned on here before?: 1 Day ban for RDM. Have you ever been banned from any Garry's Mod community before?: No. What Rank are you applying for?: Anything. Time Zone: Eastern Time. Have you read the Staff Handbook?: Twice. What does being a Staff Member mean to you? (150+ words): Being a staff member means taking on the role of supervision towards the in-game community. Being a staff member means ensuring all players on the server enjoy their time playing and are fairly treated. Being a staff member means creating an all around positive atmosphere between all users in the server including staff. Being a staff member means being dedicated and unbiased. Being a staff member means enforcing the rules of the server and ensuring the role play experience of players is not tainted by others. Being a staff member means being a team player and a positive influence towards the whole community. To me a staff member is someone who should take care of the users who populate the server. Taking care of the players means ensuring all of them are following the rules, not interfering with others RP situations, and are in my opinion enjoying their time on the server in general. This is what it means to be a staff member. Why do you want to become a Staff Member; what can you bring to the staff team? (150+ words): Almost two years ago I was forced to sell my personal computer in order to pay for my bills. Garry’s Mod was my favorite game and every time I played Garry’s Mod it was usually to play on one specific server that I really enjoyed. About four months ago I bought a low end personal computer for around two hundred fifty dollars. It can’t play much but for Garry’s Mod, it does the trick. Once I downloaded the game I immediately started my search for “that one” server. I stumbled upon a PoliceRP server called EliteAce and as soon as I joined, I could tell this was “the one.” Ever since I re-downloaded Garry’s Mod this is the only server that I have played on and I have to say it is by far one of my favorites. The reason I want to be a staff member on this server is because I want to not only support the community that I enjoy playing with by means of money but by also enforcing the rules on the server and ensuring the role play experience on this server isn’t destroyed by minges. I am dedicated to this server. Not only am I ready for the position of staff but I will make time for this server and my position as staff. I am a great team member. I am on the server almost every day. I am funny. I am dedicated towards any job I encounter. I am good at every job I have or have had. I am ready for a challenge and ready to work with all of you. You can count on me! What is your ultimate goal in becoming a Staff Member?: Being on the server for the past month I have seen a lot of mistreatment not only from staff but from players themselves. My ultimate goal in becoming a staff member is to eliminate this mistreatment and to create an all around positive atmosphere for the players and staff on EliteAce. Another one of my goals in becoming a staff member is to enforce the rules of the server. This server is a great place for role players to play on and I believe that rule breakers will taint this experience. My goal in becoming a staff member is to eliminate this toxicity to ensure that all players will enjoy their time on the server.