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  1. Denied Please follow the proper format
  2. +support -the members I’ve seen in game are good at rping
  3. +Support -new answers for the last 2 questions look really good
  4. Accepted Your ban will be reduced to 2 weeks
  5. Jimmy


    Denied. You said yourself that you called him a homophobic slur.
  6. Please follow the format, or this will be denied
  7. Jimmy

    Wrongfully Warned

    You have 12 hours to resubmit this and follow the format, or else this will be denied
  8. -Support -the members of this family that I have interacted with in game are all very toxic, and very mingy
  9. +/-Neutral Support -Poor spelling and grammar in the application -Application looks like it was thrown together with little effort put in overall +Very nice +Fun to RP with +Good time +Low warns +Very active Overall, I believe Johnny is a great guy, and I believe he has the capacity to be an excellent staff member
  10. Jimmy

    Tag Request

    Name: Jimmy Dean Tag Needed: Admin
  11. +/- Support +Very active +Quite competent -Has a tendency to get angry and be unprofessional, but we all get a little upset sometimes
  12. +Support -Holy hell that's a lot of past experience
  13. +/- Support +Application looks good overall -I personally don't know much about you, so I can't say whether you're friendly, competent, or fun to rp with
  14. + Support -Fun to RP with -Very competent -Very active