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  1. +/- From what I've heard about him, he can be childish when handling situations, but the application looks good
  2. - Support - I literally just watched this man commit RDM
  3. Jimmy

    Crawford familia

    +support -the members I’ve seen in game are good at rping
  4. +Support -new answers for the last 2 questions look really good
  5. -Support -the members of this family that I have interacted with in game are all very toxic, and very mingy
  6. +/-Neutral Support -Poor spelling and grammar in the application -Application looks like it was thrown together with little effort put in overall +Very nice +Fun to RP with +Good time +Low warns +Very active Overall, I believe Johnny is a great guy, and I believe he has the capacity to be an excellent staff member
  7. Jimmy

    Tag Request

    Name: Jimmy Dean Tag Needed: Admin
  8. +/- Support +Very active +Quite competent -Has a tendency to get angry and be unprofessional, but we all get a little upset sometimes
  9. +Support -Holy hell that's a lot of past experience
  10. +/- Support +Application looks good overall -I personally don't know much about you, so I can't say whether you're friendly, competent, or fun to rp with
  11. + Support -Fun to RP with -Very competent -Very active
  12. +/- -Didn't follow format +Aside from the failure to follow format, the application looks good
  13. Jimmy

    Donk Admin

    + Support -Seems pretty swag
  14. +/- Neutral Support +Is very friendly and fun to RP with, especially on gov +Was very active when he was staff -Could be unprofessional during sits at times