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  1. Accepted Dm me for interview
  2. Accepted Dm me for interview
  3. Accepted Dm me for interview
  4. Denied Over all bad negative responses You can reapply in two weeks
  5. Dont comment on your own staff application bro
  6. You need an Admin + to represent you That just means you need a staff member above Admin too say they know your gang is good and wont be mingey
  7. This warn will be removed. You should have not been warned before having a chance to fix the base.
  8. -Support with the server being down for the past week you couldnt of been active
  9. Guapo


    very cool very nice
  10. Denied You May Reapply In Two Weeks
  11. +Support Ive talked with this guy and saw a lot of potential Has very good rp situations
  12. Seems like a false warn to me