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  1. Denied Ban Was Valid We Keep These Type Of Warns To Keep Track Of Player History
  2. -support Till There Is Video Evidence
  3. denied Warn Was valid It's up to the staff member who issued the punishment
  4. Hannah Yuki


    Name: Hannah Rank: admin Staff Team: police rp
  5. Hannah Yuki


    Accepted ban will be removed
  6. Hannah Yuki


    @Rudy you requested the ban what would your imput be?
  7. +support i promise this has nothing to do with power but i don't know why you were banned unless i copied the wrong steam id from some where. @Griff sorry about that
  8. Hannah Yuki


    and i banned you because it was requested by rudy he was taking the sit , but i am going go with -support you were harassing him and you were told alot of times by staff to look over the motd and stay away from him didn't listen and decided to mug him as a gun dealer if you would have listened to staff you would be on the server right now
  9. Hannah Yuki


    Hello sir first your steam ID is STEAM_0:0:458646424,
  10. Hannah Yuki

    Player report

    Accepted Player will be issued a verbal warning as he doesn't have any type of warn like this
  11. i missed these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy gosh