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  1. [DarkRP] Head Administrator
  2. Revisions Playermodel - Secondary - Deagle SWEP - Lockpick
  3. Job Name: Garrison Criminal or Government: Criminal Primary Weapon: AMD-65 Secondary Weapon: SPAS 12 Job Description: You are Garrison, an alcoholic who spends his days playing Garry's Mod. AKA 'Sexy Voice' - You can raid, mug, and base with other criminals. Color: Red SteamID: STEAM_0:0:83230397 Model Link: models/player/ctm_sas_varianta.mdl (CS:GO Model) Lockpick or Keypad Cracker (Criminal) : Both Lockpick & Keypad Cracker SpikeStripe or Shield(Government): N/A Extras (Optional): Discord: ActualDoubleG#7603 Picture Of Credits Spent:
  4. To add on to my original response, the 'spat' I described between myself and Sudo was over the fact that, despite there being active staff with no other sits, staff seemed to overlook the multiple reports. I did not intervene with the active RP, other than let RTO units know I'd be looking into our reports to see the situation. I'm aware that I'm in the wrong, and I regret that I handled the situation the way I did, however, at the moment, I was quick to try my best to defuse the situations before anybody else lost their cool on the raiding parties. That's about it from me. Do with *that* as you wish.
  5. To start, the off-duty teleporting was a one-time mistake of mine that was immediately corrected. It's not been a recurring issue and I've made sure not to let it happen again. And while I shouldn't have taken that sit after working on the raid, fellow officers had repeatedly requested staff assistance for one ways, building during a raid, and a plethora of other issues. As observed by seemingly livid officers, it was like on-duty staff couldn't be bothered to even investigate the situation. 5-7 minutes after the final report was published, I decided to switch to active staff and investigate the matter myself. I cloaked and noclipped to the inside of the base to see for myself precisely what was happening. Fortunately, the error was made out of ignorance and not malicious intent. The mid-raid structures were removed. Sudo and I had a brief spat in the chat over the issue, to which we both exchanged a few choice words. "Shrugged it off" is quite a bit of a reach considering I had sat with a superior staff member briefly to discuss how the situation could've been handled better.
  6. Okay, then I suppose you've got it all figured out from the jump.
  7. +/- Support +Trustworthy and professional +Low warns
  8. Garrison

    Black Disciples

    Looks pretty badass man
  9. + Support + + Shows effort on application + Very active + Trustworthy and polite + Would make a great addition to the team + Very friendly and good in RP
  10. Steam Name: Double In-Game Name: Garrison // Garrison Beifong // CPL Garrison 1D19 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:83230397 Discord: ActualDoubleG#7603 Age: 21 Country: The Good Ol' US of A! (US) References: HeathenHouse#9248 (AKA Heathen) // CommonPPDealer#1679 (AKA Jimmy Dean) Have you donated?: Yes, I'm a VIP+ and have purchased the medical package. Time in game (!time in chat): 1d 5h 50m Do you own a working microphone?: Yes When did you start playing Garry's Mod?: 2014 at the latest What are your prior staff experiences in Garry's Mod?: I've owned and managed my former Garry's Mod community "Apollo Servers" - A 300-400 member server based in the following categories. DarkRP, PoliceRP, Murder, Trouble In Terrorist Town, PropHunt In addition, I've also served in positions ranging from Moderator - Community Manager on about 15-20 servers in the 6-7 years I've played Garry's Mod. Number of Warns: 3 1 - Metagaming (I planned on disputing this, but I don't see the point) "TECHNICALLY, this could be MG" - Yet I was still warned. (All good!) 2/3 - RDM/NLR (I accidentally broke NLR and killed someone, so I was also given RDM) Have you ever been banned on here before?: No. Have you ever been banned from any Garry's Mod community before?: No, not that I can recall. What Rank are you applying for?: Any starter-level staff position. (I'd assume it'd be Trial-Moderator) Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time Have you read the Staff Handbook?: Yes, and I'm running through the punishment guidelines currently. What does being a Staff Member mean to you? (150+ words): {Though I understand that we are all playing a game, I believe that the experience on all servers should be enjoyable for the players. Being staff means that you should be active in your community and dedicated to defusing situations and helping your players. Help players in need or those who have questions, ban that racist who painted slurs over the PD, warn and attempt to educate the FO's. Be a staff member. Work to ensure that your server is a friendly environment and that your players are happy. Enforce the rules and keep your peers safe. To slim a small novel down to 150 words; be a kind person. Like the "Trusted adult" nonsense you were fed in grade school, be a resource for players seeking assistance. Help people, respond to reports, and be a dedicated member of your community. Being a staff member, in any capacity has never been a simple task for someone who does their job and does it well.} Why do you want to become a Staff Member; what can you bring to the staff team? (150+ words): {In playing on EliteAce, I've developed relationships with many members here. I've found plenty of ways to enjoy my time here as a member who gets on nearly everyday. However, just like on any multiplayer server, I've been exposed to plenty of rule violations and toxic players. On a server that's blown out, even at 0300 hours, having a good number of staff members active to keep the peace would be a good decision. I believe I'd be a good addition to the staff team because I can bring quite a bit to the table. Though I may not be the most social, I'm polite, will be professional when needed, and can keep my composure in extreme situations. Just like working in emergency services, I believe that, in being staff, I could make a difference. I play EA a lot, and I enjoy the time I've spent here and the friends I've made. I also greatly look forward to my future with the community.} What is your ultimate goal in becoming a Staff Member?: As previously stated, I'm an active member in the community who enjoys gaming here very much. I want to better the community in any way I can. I'd like to stick around for a long time, continue to be active and helpful, and continue to keep the server a positive environment for those who choose to play. (Sorry for any typos, it's 2:34 and I've got work. On the verge of dropping dead lol)