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  1. -Support -cares about server -seems like all he wants to do is help\ Good Luck
  2. You Have 24 hours to fix your report or it will be denied
  3. Add Player model bought with costume donation
  4. +Support -Good Effort -Seems Like a good fit for the team -Low play time that's only problem Good Luck
  5. +Support -Fun to play with -Good at rp -0 warns -Overall a good fit for the team Good Luck
  6. +Support -Good at rp -0 warns -Fun to play with -Good effort Good Luck
  7. Guapo_Gage

    Ban Appeal

    -Support You killed 6 people while jailed Instead of just contacting us
  8. +Support -put arizona for country -Put effort in to staff app but second 150 words a little interesting -Fun to play with but he can be very dumb Good Luck
  9. +Support -Has a lot of time for a new server -Put effort into application -Ive heard very good things -Could be a good addition to the team -only one problem(you would be going for t-mod not admin) Good Luck Hope You Get In
  10. +1 Support -good effort -fun to rp -overall a good addition to the team
  11. DENIED You can reapply in two weeks
  12. Support -Good effort -14 is a little young -Could be a good addition Good Luck On Your App