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  1. bomber

    Aqua's Staff App

    +support -great effort -great reasons -fun boi
  2. +support -I see he cares -fun to RP with -good luck man
  3. ACCEPTED DM Me to schedule an interview
  4. bomber

    Unban request

    ACCEPTED you will be unbanned later today
  5. bomber

    Unban request

    First of all you didn't put the server Second of all you did leave so I don't know which server though +/- if you say which server it will change to a +support
  6. bomber

    Ban Appeal

    -support well damn you Basicly played me to do this
  7. -support -I don't think you learned from your ban at all you should never join a server to just MRDM and minge and kill tons of people it ruins their fun and the lack of consideration bothers me the most -bomber good luck
  8. DENIED -did not meet word limit -you currently staff on another server -Lack of effort Please reapply in 2 weeks
  9. +support seems like good effort good fit good learner all things I want to see so good luck on it man
  10. +support you seem to really want this and I believe stupidity can be learned out so i want this for yah good luck -bomber
  11. +support -great effort -seems like a good fit -good luck
  12. -support for all the reasons stated above