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  1. Custom Jobs Includes Custom Job Name Custom Job Color Custom Description Custom Player-model (need to be approved by me): One Primary + One Pistol Secondary $5000 Salary Keypad Cracker or Lockpick SpikeStripe or Shield Ability to rob the bank Ability to participate in other criminal activity ----------This is the format for a custom class: ( copy and paste )---------- Job Name: Primary Weapon: Secondary Weapon: Vape: Knife: Job Description: Color: SteamID: Model Link: Lockpick or Keypad Cracker (Criminal) : Extras (Optional): Discord: Picture Of Credits Spent Ex. ( To get a screenshot press the windows key, use the snipping tool, then upload to ----------Addons---------- Government Class $20 Government Job includes Stungun, Handcuffs, Ticketbook, and Battering Ram ADDONS Armor $.30per 1 armor ( up to 200 ) Extra Weapon: $10 Extra SWEP: $10 ( Extra SWEPS are Meth,Cuffs, Government, Terror,Weed,Cuffs, Medkit, Hitman, Fireworks, and Moonshine Future) $10 Add player- ----------Changes---------- $2 Change Custom Job Name - $2 Change Color of Job - $2 Change Description - $10 Change Playermodel - The time you post this on forums, it will be added within 72 hours, if it is not added within that time, you will get a extra free weapon, of your choosing, on your custom class.
  2. please do not replay to your own staff application.
  3. -Support Would like more time on the server.
  4. Christian

    BD Ayden

    iregardless of your intention you broke the rules if you keep bickering in this forum ill be forced to take it to smt and lock it u till a decision is made
  5. Please follow proper format other wise it will be denied
  6. Please note do not reply to your own warn appeals unless its involing smts it doesnt make you look good at all just saying
  7. Ill be locking this thread since you posted another one with your new setup rather than clicking the edit button
  8. Hey my guy play models are supposed to be under 4mb unless your willing to pay extra for it which you need to talk to the owner christian about in regards to that. Please reach out to Christian#1234 and reference this post or he will contact you. Personal opnion it would be nice to add this pack so the "vip body guard" player model can get a facelift just my two cents
  9. + support - Dedicated - He has changed After talking to Heathen we decided that it was alright to summit a staff application.