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  1. + support -clear evidence -Bias
  2. + support -good time -no warns -put good effort into application -nice guy
  3. past

    Pasts tag request

    Name:Past Rank:senior moderator Staff Team:drp Screenshot of discord rank (with your name):
  4. past

    Swiey Staff App

    +support -staff experience -good application -cool guy -overall is good a fit for the staff team
  5. + support -good staff app -good playtime -not many warns +prior staff experience wish you luck - Past
  6. + support -put good effort -fun to rp with -good reason to become staff - 3 warns all from rdm/ardm
  7. past

    Denied's staff app

    + support -has good intentions -very nice guy -good time on the server I feel like he could be a very good staff member has things to learn but I feel he will get the hang of things
  8. past

    pasts warn appeal

    Your name:past Server:drp Your SteamID:STEAM_0:0:168074247 Ban or Warn?: Approximate time of your ban/warn:8:30 est Staff member who issued your ban/warn:guapo Reason behind your ban/warn:broke nlr Explain why your ban should be overturned : I believe my warn should be overturned because when I was standing by my base not even at the kos line the people where raidng, ok so I let them standing outside not doing anything no weapons out. then i get killed by the people who where rading. as I was not apart of the raid I got rdmed. so I come because why should nlr apply if you got rdmed. I came back then I got warned for breaking nlr.
  9. past

    Aqua's Staff App

    + support -put good effort -0 warns -fun to rp with
  10. +support -fun to rp with -has what it takes to become a staff member -has staff experience
  11. past

    Past tag request

    need moderator for dark rp
  12. past


    + 1 support -from what ive seen amazing role-player -a lot of time -seems to know the rules pretty well -overall a nice guy why has what it takes to become a staff member wish you the best of luck sincerely trail moderator past
  13. + 1 support -fun to rp with -overall nice guy doesn't start problems -good with the community Best of luck to you hope you get in sincerely trail moderator past