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  1. bruh you really think you need to do a tag request when you get GMT that bich is automatic when a forums dev gets on lul.
  2. waiting for @Desktop's side.
  3. Forums December Update Overview [Stuff Added] -Christmas Lights -A few changes to the theme. -SMT/GMT can now give tags through the ModCP that are Senior Admin or below. -SMT/GMT now have highlighted posts. -Rules button added to the Navigation Bar at the top of the website. -Rounded Profile Pictures because the sharp corners hurt my eyes D; -All Russian IP Addresses are banned from the website due to influx of bot accounts. -Security questions added to stop influx of bot accounts. -Security Captcha added to stop influx of bot accounts. -Information Hub in progress. -Other small changes -anything else added this month will be added to the list. [Stuff Removed] -Clubs button removed from the Navigation Bar. More updates coming to clubs soon. -A few things from the theme. -Steam Login (buggy and no one used it) -Other small changes -anything else removed this month will be added to the list. [Known Issues] -Website emails not getting sent to users. -Bot accounts If you have any questions/suggestions or etc fill free to reply, if you would like to keep it private DM me on Discord or the Forums. (Excludes Jax cus yuh)
  4. I will be talking to SMT on how you got promoted with light theme but for now you have your moderator tag.
  5. congrats bb, welcome to hell.
  6. -Support Members of the family are very toxic and have a lack of rule knowledge.
  7. I should blacklist you smh
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