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  1. +Support I do not think this justifies a warn/week-ban From what I've heard, Jimmy Dean mistakenly saw another player's shooting in his direction as a act of violence towards his family. This is completely understandable. If a individual, mind you not a government official, is shooting at your general direction killing. It would make sense for the person being shot near to assume they were being attacked by an aggressor. I believe this warn was issued base off of server rules, but failed to take into consideration any RP aspect.
  2. Overall: 4/10 -Support +2 Support * Worked on Civant as head-admin. +1 * Has played GMOD for a long time. +1 -2 Support *Has very little playtime on the server, 2 hours is not enough. -1 *Barely made it over the word requirement for the two questions. -1 *Little effort put into last question. -1 *Didn't put a correct SteamID. -1 *Has 0 warns or bans, but also has 2 hour playtime so this doesn't really matter. +/- I'd be willing to change my review if I got to meet you in-game and see what type of person you are, but as of now, I've never met you.
  3. Overall: 8/10 +Support +8 Support * Very dedicated to the server! +1 * Meets 150+ word count requirement and has effort. +1 * Silly, and funny at times, but knows when to be mature and serious. +1 * Very fun to play with. +1 *Valid references.. +1 *Has Klu as a reference.. +1 *Not that it is at all required, but he has donated and is obviously very dedicated to this community. +1 *Started off a little rough with rules as he was new to RP, but he now knows and follows the rules very well. +1 -2 Support *Is fairly new to GMOD, but has gotten into it very easily and quick. -1 *Has no prior experience as a GMOD staff member, but you have to start somewhere. -1 As I know him personally, I cannot be biased. But I can say that because I know him, I know that he will be a great addition to the staff team.
  4. I need the moderator tag on forums.
  5. +Support * This warn was issued over 55 days ago * This was a FO warn -Support *Warns shouldn't be removed unless they are falsely given or verbal, it is a way to track your behavior This warn should be removed if he hasn't gained any extra warns having to do with Stealing Gov. Vehicles.
  6. AstroidPi

    Warn Appeal

    Verbal warnings have their own section on forums. *Please provide video evidence to do with this warning if you can.
  7. AstroidPi

    Fear RP

    +Support * This warn was issued over 152 days ago * FearRP is a very common warn and rule that is easy to mistakenly break * This was a FO warn -Support *Warns shouldn't be removed unless they are falsely given or verbal, it is a way to track your behavior. *If you could provide a full explanation of how the warn was issued then it would be easier to know the degree of which this rule was broken. This warn should be removed if he hasn't gained any extra warns having to do with FearRP
  8. +Support * Very mature * Put effort into application * Is likable in game and polite * Few warns * Prior experience playing GMOD * Prior staff experience on other GMOD communities * Has great references.( I would of been happy myself to of been one)
  9. +Support * Worked on GamingLight * Polite in game * Is active based off of his '!time' I myself haven't gotten to know you, but that doesn't mean you aren't active.
  10. -Support * More effort needed * Didn't meet word requirement * Low playtime * Low playtime in GMOD
  11. -Support * More effort needed * Didn't meet word requirement
  12. AstroidPi

    warn appel

    +Support if you show video proof. I asked for it inside the sit and you said you didn't have any evidence.
  13. AstroidPi

    warn appel

    Jimmy Dean (STEAM_0:0:181927649) made a sit on Guapo (STEAM_0:1:560973549). The story provided from both individuals was the same from both sides. Guapo was attempting to do a hit on a PD member and mistakenly got the wrong person. Jimmy Dean walked by and was unaware of the situation that just took place, Guapo assumed Jimmy Dean was going to attack him because he was a SWAT member, so he then RDM'd Jimmy as well. I marked this down as RDMx2 (1) because there was two accounts of RDM and this was his second offence. I went by the punishment system and jailed him for five minutes. I also provided Gaupo with a link to appeal this warn as I completely understood his side of the story and how he could of mistakenly killed the wrong target. I apologize if my judgement was wrong. In my time in sits, I always try to be fair to all individuals and go completely by the staff handbook.
  14. + Support - Good application, - effort, - good guy