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  1. Discord link and Roster link
  2. Family Name: Folk Nation(FN) What Do You Want Tag To Say: Folk Nation(Blue if possible) Acquaintances: N/A Leader Of Family: Courage Co-Leader Of Family: Will, Samuel Names Of Members: Will, Samuel, Shoney, Dia, Dodge, Hawk, and Courage All Members Steam IDS: Will(148212805789679617) Samuel(208066890520592384), Shoney(STEAM_0:1:206000105), Dia(STEAM_0:1:120047337), Dodge(STEAM_0:0:189451012), Hawk(STEAM_0:1:99067006), and Courage(STEAM_0:0:186022014) All Members Discords: Will(callahan33#5118), Samuel(MarchingBlu#3459), Shoney(Shoney JR#7319), Dia(Miles#003), Dodge(Dodge#1682), Courage(Courage#2085), and Hawk(Roman◄#3262) What Type Of Family Ex) Mafia, Gang,Builders: Crips(would be awesome) Reason For Starting Family: I love the RP aspect of PRP and I really want to increase that on both sides I have government down but I want to let everyone enjoy rp even when I hop on Criminal or Civilian because I want to have a group of friends who have fun help people and do anything we can to better the community and people around us and everyone in my group agrees with this. We just want to make the job of the government fun and increase our rp experience too. So starting the family just to have a friend group everyone knows each other get on make bases rp stuff make convoys like escorting each other transporting drugs and printers like irl stuff. Why Do You Want A Family: A family would bring more people together and give us all a chance to bond and connect more while also having fun we can also be more organized and be official to where people know us for not being minge and also helping out. My members just want something to chill and have fun with each other during the slow hours or after being on GOVT for multiple hours or even just to get home from a day of work and just be able to chill and hangout with each other. I want to have fun and bring more to both sides. My group that we have so far are all on board and I have made rules and everything to increase rp like no killing surrendering people, don’t just mug unless interfering, cop baiting is removable. Stuff like that is just useless and I would really enjoy making it better for everyone please take this into deep consideration.
  3. Name: Courage Rank: Assitant Sheriff(Sheriff High Command) Server : PRP Screenshot of discord rank (with your name): Cant put screen shots (Check my discord tags Courage#2085)