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  1. - Support -Steam ID is wrong -Low Playtime on the server -Haven't seen you on
  2. About the Raid Incident, as soon as Wainman made a staff report immediately went to the base froze the people in there noclipped outside the base towards Wainmen and said stop shooting for a minute he stopped and I told them delete the props its Failrp and prop minge they deleted the props and I unfroze them to continue RP. About 5 minutes later Garrison went on duty from his Police job and said stop RPing this raid is under investigation in an advert and thats when I said you cant take your own sit. Then he said something along the lines of we werent doing our jobs we werent taking the sit but I for sure took that sit and made them delete there props.
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    Swiey's Staff App

    + Support -Good App - No Warns - Needs a little more play time
  4. + Support -Good Effort on Application -Low Warns Hope to see you on staff!!
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    Ty's Staff Application

    I misunderstood the time i actually have 3d 15 minutes
  6. Steam Name: Lilcypress1 In-Game Name: Ty the Guy SteamID: STEAM_0:1:459845833 Discord: Ty Da Guy#0697 Age: 18 Country: USA References: Have you donated?: Yes Time in game (!time in chat): 1:31 PM Do you own a working microphone?: yes When did you start playing Garry's Mod?: 3 Years ago What are your prior staff experiences in Garry's Mod?: I was a Moderator for GamingLight for about one year. Number of Warns: 1 Have you ever been banned on here before?: No Have you ever been banned from any Garry's Mod community before?: No What Rank are you applying for?: Trial Moderator Time Zone: EST Have you read the Staff Handbook?: Yes What does being a Staff Member mean to you? (150+ words): Being staff means a lot to me. Being able to become the solution and help the server grow excites me. I believe I can help make Eliteace a better server. I want to make sure the users have a exciting PoliceRp experience and make sure the users who break the server rule will be dealt with in the right manner. I've had history of staffing on 1 different server for most of my Garry's mod experience so staffing isn't a fresh experience for me. The server i worked with is very similar to PoliceRPas in respect of punishments for RDM and mingery. I would like to further use my past experience with staff sits unto PoliceRp and enjoyed my time here as a member of EliteAce, but I would like to further increase my knowledge of staffing by becoming a Trial Moderator. I intend to use my commands correctly and with reason cause no one wants someone abusing server power. Why do you want to become a Staff Member; what can you bring to the staff team? (150+ words): The reason I am applying for staff would be to cut down the minge activity during Morning and late night server action. There are somedays when I get on the server and there arnt enough admin to handle all the sits I would like to be able to relief the pressure by being apart of staff. I would have respect for the people in my sits even though they my not uphold the same respect for me. I also would love to help new players experience the same as i felt in this community by helping new players succeed in their RP. I believe everyone should be treated fairly. I've been pretty active on the server and I am enjoying experience. Everyone at PoliceRP has treated me well so now I want to give back to server. I would love to be a new addition to the staff family! What is your ultimate goal in becoming a Staff Member?: Moving up in the ranks and becoming an Admin.