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  1. Name: Griff What job you want: Flower Boy Why you want : Flowers
  2. Эти бедные русские...
  3. No. -Your responsible for whatever is done on your account, if your "brother" did join the server and violate the rules multiple times then you're the one responsible and you will not be unbanned. -Didn't bother to follow the format.
  4. Do not just repost the application because your last one is doing badly. Big -Support
  5. Can confirm this. -Support
  6. -Support -I've met them in game and they seem to be pretty toxic.
  7. -Support -Some bad grammar -Applying straight to Mod? -Age -Could've expanded on "What is your ultimate goal in becoming a staff member?" -4 warns -Not a good mindset ("I am willing to do whatever it takes to prove that even though I left I still have what it takes") -Are you sure that's your discord username + tag? I couldn't find you.
  8. -Big Negative -This application looks like it's meant to be a joke -Terrible grammar, spelling and punctuation -Barely any effort -Just because there's a word requirement doesn't mean you should stack adverbs - this makes both of the questions with word requirements complete nonsense and impossible to understand -"specifically is fairly significant, which for the most part literally is fairly significant, which is fairly significant. I specifically" is one of the worst lines I've ever had to read in a staff application +Gave me a good laugh -I do not think this application should be accepted in its current state.
  9. -Support -Lack of evidence If you have evidence then please submit it.
  10. Griff

    Interesting moments

    @Jonothan must’ve been one of those damn ducks!
  11. Griff

    Interesting moments

    My most interesting moment was when a wild duck, driving a cybertruck crashed into my vehicle and my vehicle was thrown into the PD carpark where I was arrested for trespassing. All those fucking ducks, should've never been given vehicles.
  12. -Support Wasn’t a false ban, implied confession can be seen in this appeal.
  13. I’m going to wait until the staff member gives their side of the story. @Hannah Yuki can you look at this please?
  14. I also think the situation would've been avoidable if you had followed the rules of building a base, the raider didn't break any rules. You have attempted to blame the raider multiple times but it is not his fault that you were unable to read the rules of basing, a rule that was implemented with avoiding the fading door glitch as one of its purposes. I will say this one more time: It was not the raider's fault, it was yours.
  15. Alright, I'll message you.