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  1. According to Rule H.9 All US Laws must be Followed. In the United States of America and all of her territories EMP Grenades are illegal.Federal law prohibits the operation/manufacturing/sale of any jamming equipment. According to Rule A.44 Shooting randomly counts as FailRP and can be considered cop-baiting. I think that most people can agree that no logical person would throw an EMP grenade into/at a police station and is a valid reason for a copbait warn No evidence was submitted in the initial appeal by the accused. For these reasons I agree with the warn and I do not believe that the staff member did anything wrong- DENIED. Note: I was not the head admin he consulted during the sit.
  2. Hasan

    Ban Appeal

    FailRP is up to the discretion of the staff member. While you were not falsley warned I do not think it was necessary to warn/ ban you and for that reason I am accepting this.
  3. Accepted. Contact me on discord to schedule an interview.
  4. +support ive seen some problems in the past (haha get it its your name) but I think you have staff like qualities and i think its worth giving you a shot
  5. +support btw u dont have to reply to every comment xD
  6. I am accepting this appeal due to lack of evidence from the accusing side only word of mouth. @Vendetta my name on discord is Hasan msg me when ur ingame so i can remove the warn.
  7. @Samkuro im not asking you to give me evidence; im asking you what evidence did you have that led you to the decision that he was guilty?
  8. @Samkuro what evidence did you have during the sit? @Vendetta were u banned for LTAP or LTARP?
  9. Hasan

    Ban appeal

    Hey Leo so i looked into the logs. It seems that you adverted counter casino raid as a citizen, and used the ares strike (the lmg you were talking about) as a citizen. Both of those break FailRP rules: A.20.All classes considered citizen may only have small weapons (Pistols), A.21 Citizen classes are deemed non-criminal and may not commit criminal acts. Perhaps you forgot that you were on the citizen job? Here are screenshots of logs that prove that you indeed broke those failrp rules: https://imgur.com/a/zQItLJ4 I also found that the staff member (jimmy) followed all proper guidelines in your case despite you being AFK during the time you were reported by looking through your previous warns. I am going to adjust the decision by removing the RDM; 1 week will be removed from your ban.(the RDM was a 1 week ban and the failrp was a 1 day ban) Hope to see you again on the server and wish you the best of luck-Hasan.
  10. Hasan

    Ban appeal

    I did a ban request by jimmy; i am awaiting his response before making a decision
  11. Hasan

    Staff Report

    You have 24 hours to fix your report to follow the proper format or it will be denied
  12. This report is being denied for the following two reasons: 1. No evidence. 2. This is not a staff issue. If you want to report a high command government member please contact the assistant director or the director of that department.