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    Donk Admin

    - No effort - didn't follow format
  2. this is what jax said, need to be approved by me also needs to be from steam workshops and not already in the server):
  3. what model can i use then.
  4. What kinda weopon .. AsVal
  5. Job Name: Elmo Criminal or Government: Criminal Rank(VIP, VIP+, MVP): I'm MVP Primary Weapon(No minigun): staff_lockpick, Secondary Weapon: weapon_cuff_tactical Job Description: Your Elmo Color: red SteamID: STEAM_0:1:61742027 Model Link(from steam not from the server can't be one thats already used): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=528587737 Lockpick or Keypad Cracker (Criminal) : keypadcracker SpikeStripe or Shield(Government): Extras (Optional): Anyway i can be able to buy meth cooking stuff? Discord: Kagura#8816
  6. - Not enough experience [ new to gmod] 128hours total in gmod....
  7. - support [ Nobody is given free vip.] Sorry you are gonna have to donate to acquire vip/vip+/mvp
  8. very weird guy

    1. Kagura


      ? do i know u ?

  9. Kagura

    Staff Application

    - time ( need 48 hours to apply )
  10. - 1 Doesn't know the community