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  1. MrThicc

    pasts ban appeal RDM

    Leaving in the middle of a sit is considered LTAP. The only thing I remember was several RDMs involving you and you even RDMing me. But I only remember warning you. The ban wasnt constructed by me.
  2. I personally dont recall warning you because no situation was rendered. But I didnt look you up to warn you so there has to be an actual reason I warned you.
  3. MrThicc

    Warn Appeal RDM

    I went to warn someone and accidently missclicked on his name if this could please be taken care of I would appreciate it. I told him I would try to get it overturned. Sorry for the inconvenience -MrThicc
  4. MrThicc

    Warning Appeal RDM

    Accepting hits from someone dropping money instead of using the proper way of accepting hits (the person placing hits E on you then gives you the amount and the persons name) you admitted to telling me that's how you were accepting hits. I did check your time and you had over a days worth of time in the server if I remember correctly so I personally believe someone who is strong on following the rules would have at least read them by that point. So I gave you the warning I though was correct. I too work at a prison and did 6 years in the Army so I get where you're coming from but that's not an excuse in my book to do what you want. I apologize if my warn RDM (FO) warn was to harsh but like I said I only did what i thought was right. If its overturned and I am wrong I do apologize. Have a nice day. -MrThicc
  5. MrThicc

    Warn apeal

    +Support I think that the KOS sign is warning enough. I dont agree with any further warns unless of course the KOS sign excessivly out of property lines. good luck with your appeal. -MrThicc
  6. To my understanding it was explained to me that you were raiding the base I was in the process of deleting then you openly admitted to claiming false after finding out it was either mine or nothing was in there due to the specifics of my base. I do apologize if my VB was incorrect. Between the two of you in the SIT it just became nothing but "he said she said" so like I said I did what I thought was right. If its not I do apologize. I was only trying to be fair. -MrThicc
  7. +/- Neutral + Prior Staff Experience - Not much time on server +Good effort in application +/- No prior run in ins with you on server Good luck with the application, -MrThicc
  8. +Support + No Warns +Previous Staff Experience + Great Effort put into application - Time in server - Activity needs to be higher Hope you make it onto the staff team good luck with the application. -MrThicc
  9. +/- Support +Good effeort in application - 15 warns - Mingie + Active Good luck on your application
  10. MrThicc

    warn apeal

    During the SIT for the RDM I was told by the other gentlmen that you were blocking doorways during the raid which made your death unavoidable. so i felt like it was necessary for a FAIL RP (FO). On top of during the SIT I was unable to explain the situation due to talking over me. So I did what I thought was necessary.
  11. +Support +Active +Good Effort in Application +Minimal Warnings +Active
  12. MrThicc

    Nuggets Staff app

    + SUPPORT + Good effeort on application + Previous staff experience + 1 Warn +/- Not much time in server
  13. +Support +No Warning +Good effort in application + Has good reputation
  14. +Support only 1 warn good effort in application prior staff experience
  15. MrThicc

    Warn appeal

    You didnt listen to me on changing the material of your vehicle, nor RDMing, interfering in situations you werent apart of all in a matter of minutes. which is a result of failure to listen to staff. the punishment for failure to listen to staff resulted in the ban.