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  1. Samkuro

    RDM Ban Appeal

    Hello @[EA] Ranso do you have a picture of the logs or a video of the sit
  2. +Support he is active in the sever well known good guy to RP with Knows the rules well Note: very good at PVP regards Samkuro [Moderator]
  3. Oh I had 2 people that told me that once he got tased he left also when I pulled him into the sit he said nothing I even asked him why he left
  4. Sorry but no Hasan my recordings corrupted anyways his ban is over he was banned for ltarp
  5. Ok I am sorry you feel that way but the first time you LTARP is a 1 day ban 2 time is a week ban a the third time is a perma ban
  6. I got a report that he LTARPed so i went to take care of that he joined back so i brought him and bweemer to a sit and all evidence pointed out that he LTARPPed BC he got Tased and then left the game
  7. Appeal and expungement are doing the same by removing them from the active warnings list
  8. So you have a video
  9. -Support -app is bad -didn’t even try to hit word requirements -Never seen him in game at all -your applying for trial mod not admin -dose not have discord Neutral I Think that this is littel bot basic what your ultimate goal is Samkuro [Moderator]
  10. +support I had to deal with him about five times in about 30 minutes he has broken many rules like killing PD as a citizen,RDM x2, minge, And family Impersonation twice
  11. -Support -too young -haven’t read staff hand book -did not hit word requirements
  12. Samkuro


    -Support -you were under Fear RP so you broke the rules and killed him so you would have gotten warned RDM and fear RP So he was being nice to you by not warning.