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  1. + support + bias + clear evidence " Kim Jong Snookie "
  2. ( To Sudo ) I don't know man I'm not currently staff but It's pretty suspicious that he did specifically state that he didn't want Snookie to take the case in concern of bias then coincidentally your the only " - Support " on the entire Staff Report against Snookie after the fact. Claiming player to staff ratio is a really bland argument on the last report as well since the same one can be made to the other staff on the server at the time putting them at fault to -_-
  3. ----P----A----L----M----Z---- - Support I haven't seen you on but once and I'm pretty active. I would recommend doing what Klu said and get to know the community better.
  4. PalmZ


    ----P----A----L----M----Z---- Do not build outside your property. Your property is where your main door starts (exceptions can be made for suburb properties I was involved in the raid and I was really confused about the specific rule posted above. I know your admin and all but to my knowledge the only staff members exempt from rules are SMT or higher. The building rules may also be exempted if for example you making something for a server-wide event such as sectioning off suburbs for the hunger game or something along those lines. The base that you made was way out of the door limit for the warehouse you were using and I to did have a base like that which had gotten approved by Klu but after one or two days I was told it was against the server rules for the same reason I'm questioning your base. ================================================================================================================
  5. ----P----A----L----M----Z---- +/- Support + Good Effort + Active when not banned - 15 warns - Can be a minge + Nice Guy =================================================================================================
  6. ----P----A----L----M----Z---- +/- Support + Good Effort + Staff Experience - Low Time + Low Warns // Side Notes: ArmyGuy likes rye bread \\
  7. ----P----A----L----M----Z---- +/- Support - Time in game + Good Effort + Staff Experience + Low Warns // Side Notes: Z03Y is good cop //
  8. PalmZ

    warn apeal

    ----P----A----L----M----Z---- - Support I trust Mr. Thicc and his judgment as he's very professional and to my knowledge has had 0 past complaints against him If you supposedly got killed while body blocking the little clip we get in !blogs would show your location being the evidence needed You can still be warned even if your the one who called the sit
  9. PalmZ

    Nuggets Staff app

    ----P----A----L----M----Z---- -Support -Mingy -Lying on staff app ( said he has 1 warn and has 4 ) +/- A bit young -Screams at Staff // Side Notes: Dinosaur Nuggets \\ =========================================================================================================
  10. ----P----A----L----M----Z---- +/- Support +Good References - Occasionally mingy + Active - Didn't meet word requirement - Missed a question + Nice and doesn't lose temper easily // Side Notes: Chubaca is grgrgrgergrgrgergr \\
  11. ----P----A----L----M----Z---- +Support +No Warnings +Good Effort +Well Known +Shows Staff-like qualities \\ Side Notes: Beifong likes guns //
  12. If you did DM me I'm not seeing it and I clear my DM's daily so If you did message me please send it again
  13. I moved you because as I said you were very loud I now know that it's just your mic and I did apologize earlier in this post. Yes, Technically speaking I am in the wrong but from my perspective all I see is another person come up and start ear raping That's why I moved you if you have any further questions or you wanna talk you can dm me here - P͓̽a͓̽l͓̽m͓̽Z͓̽#7117 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ RIP MAJER