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  2. Name: Solo What job you want: Priest Why you want: Because I've been previously ordained and I want to bless this holy matrimony.
  3. I'm going to have to deny this on the count that you have light mode and are unworthy. (jk)
  4. In-Game Name: Solo(bit) SteamID: STEAM_0:1:63380497 Current Staff Rank: Senior-Moderator How long have you been in your current rank?: 2 weeks What time zone are you in?: EST How many warns do you have?: 0 Why should you be promoted (Minimum of 150+ words): During my month as a staff member I've gained a new hobby staffing on the server and helping players daily, as well as had a lot of influence in changes and improvements in the server by voicing my concerns. Almost everyday I get on I play a little and then go on duty, spectate players and help those in need of assistance before they even ask, I truly enjoy it as it's a chill and relaxing hobby of mine. I've faced a few obstacles I'll tell you that much, from being limited in my ban length, as well as whitelists, I believe I have reached the point where I must get promoted to go beyond and reach a higher potential as a staff member. I also face issues as I am the Event Team Lead and have to resort to someone else as even though I posses the rank, I am limited by my senior-mod rank and have to ask someone else to perform such commands. I know that with my promotion will come more responsibility and I am ready to handle that, as evident by my activity and my personality, as well as the fact I am a mentor for other staff. I like to believe that I've made good standing in the community and I'm well known and liked, achieving the rank of Admin will allow me to further help the playerbase as well as orchestrate events to which everyone can enjoy. I aim to continue working on my departments and using my new rank to refine those departments and get them to the top where they belong, as well as myself, to the top that is. My time on the server has all been no less than dedicated as I aim to improve both the standing and the flaws both within and without, the server has also helped me Improve myself as I've met many insightful and delightful people. Being promoted will fortify my position in this community. I leave you with a humble thank you for your time, I truly appreciate you taking the time to read this.
  5. Title said interesting moments. (jk ily tulle)
  6. @Merian_One Side Mafia Follow the format, else this will be denied.
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    Marhaba Bob! Welcome to the community! It is nice to have you brother! -Han Solo