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  1. Added in for now, I don't think u can have those explosives as weapons tho. Contact me on discord.
  2. Number 3 would work as long as that playermodel has no issues in-game (Which it shouldn't), would you like to use that playermodel for your CC?
  3. Anything sold on the store as permanent weapons cannot be included in a custom class.
  4. Hello, I cannot add your model in as it requires a V92 Character base (basically the character itself will just be missing textures). As of now your custom class has been added in, just with the (current) default citizen playermodel.
  5. $95 , not including terror, rape , and Kidnap as I'm not sure if those are 1. in the server and 2. how much they cost.
  6. I know you're good for it asuna, but I don't see any custom donations for the additional weapons / sweps?
  7. Your Secondary cannot be a normal gun, it must be a pistol. For now I gave u an HKUSP but your Cc itself is added in. I'm also not sure if we have a rape swep in the server or not... But I'll get back to you if we can add the additional stuff (like C4) to CC's or not
  8. Hello, your model size is a little too big and your secondary weapon must be a pistol.
  9. Hello, your model size is WAY WAY too big. Your secondary weapon can only be a pistol, and it costs extra to add the hitman ability (I believe it counts as a swep so it's $10). Please let me know what u would like as your new options
  10. I'll get this added in soon . Since you're government you'll have access to the PD car dealer... u can just change the color of it?
  11. Hey, I believe it'll be 20$ for government, 20$ for 100 armor, and 5$ per additional weapon, and 10$ per swep. Totaling $60, please confirm the price listed with out format. https://eliteace.net/forums/index.php?/topic/29-custom-class-format/
  12. Hey! Your MVP rank and cigar should be added after restart tonight .
  13. Purchase confirmed and your CC and your friends whitelist was added. Enjoy!