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  1. Your Name and Rank - SNR Ray Your Department (if in one) - PD Your Discord - (Ray) Shagg! or SNR Ray Shagg 1D75 Name and Rank of the individual - OFC Milkman 1D80 Department this Individual is part of - PD? The individual's Discord - BROWNGANG milkman#2607 Offence - Information & Evidence (No Evidence will lead to less likelihood of it being accepted.) - He has stated to the whole RTO that he was in a call with his friends instead of joining RTO, aswell as that his friends want Lily dead. I changed Role at some point and then encountered milkman in front of pd telling/ helping on of his friends breack into pd and kill lily. I have no evidence I did however join RTO immediately to tell lily and the others. Proof of his existence:
  2. Approximate time of your ban/warn: FearRp VB 11/16/20, Attempting to steal GOV VB 11/14/20, Cop Bait VB 11/17/20, FailRp VB 11/16/20. Staff member who issued your ban/warn: funny enough every time It was Dindu/ Did Nothing, he's seems to be on a lot and is really helpful in sits.
  3. Your name: (Ray) Shagg! Server: EliteAce PoliceRP Your SteamID:STEAM_0:0:428860106 Ban or Warn?: FearRp VB Warning, Attempting to steal a Government car VB Warning, Cop Bait VB Warning (recent), and a FailRP VB Warning. Approximate time of your ban/warn: Staff member who issued your ban/warn: Reason behind your ban/warn: I was being kidnap without it being adverted so I shot him he then reported me for not FearRping. I was playing around and unlocking random cars with a lockpick, I was unlocking a cop car and was reported by the cop. I had done a crime accidently in front of a cop, but they just let it go so I then was trying to get my self arrested. For the FailRp one I was playing as Bank Robber, then I got booted from the game then came back got my car and went back to doing what I was doing before I got booted; however, I forgot to change back into a Bank Robber and I ended up in high speed chase and killed cop with a mini-gun as a citizen. Explain why your ban should be overturned: Sorry to do it all in one post, but I didn't want to clutter the forum by making four separate post. I honestly did all these on accident like the FearRp didn't know that I needed to act scared, the attempt of stealing a gov vehicle didn't check the rules at start, and the FailRp honest mistake thought I was Bank Robber. I'm fine with keeping the cop bait cause I get it, I shouldn't have done that. well that's it, I hope whoever read this has a nice day ?.