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  1. Name: Phoenix What job you want: Music Man Why you want : crab rave
  2. https://gyazo.com/f2f0a226bc844882d54de937a6362d16
  3. Your Name and Rank - Phoenix SSGT 1X49 Your Department (if in one) - SWAT Your Discord - PhoenixRem1x#6544 Name and Rank of the individual - Major Bacon Department this Individual is part of - SWAT The individual's Discord - Not sure Offence - Never active Information & Evidence (No Evidence will lead to less likelihood of it being accepted.) -
  4. Do you have video of him saying this stuff?
  5. Name:Phoenix Rank: T-mod Staff Team: Police Rp Screenshot of discord rank (with your name): https://gyazo.com/029d0f8643b43b85984eeb7bd369e764
  6. -Support 1. Dindu is a very nice man and i have been on both sides with him Being warned and getting someone warned 2.Pics or it didnt happen 3.They dont have to give you a verbal its there choice if they want to warn you 4. Don't be mad the staff is doing there job
  7. +Support - Effort Putt in his staff app -Fun to rp with and is a great guy Only thing i see bad is the 7 warns but over the time he is played seems okay and over all i feel that the positive side out weighs that
  8. Your Name: Phoenix Server: Police Rp Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:229719013 Player in question: KFC Queef Player's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:214189403 Specific Rule(s) Violated: Minging (They guy puts me in a trap) Brief summary of what happened: Im just vibing and this guy is going around and putting me in a trap Evidence:
  9. Just close this there is no point to this
  10. The Fact that its a Bit.ly only means 2 things Porn or Ip Grabbing